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Do you have any recommended colleges for an associate degree in zoo technology?

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2 answers

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Arshia’s Answer

Dear Miryam,

Zoology is a very niche degree. Before you commit to completing a zoology degree, I recommend taking the time to learn more about it and consider your career options. Most individuals who want to work with animals, will require a four-year college degree and if you decide you'd like to focus on a specialty, then additional education may be required. I recommend considering a four-year degree as it will provide you with more opportunities and likely, higher salaries. Please refer to the next steps as I have gathered a couple of sites with additional information on Zoology and a list of colleges and universities.

I wish you the best.

Arshia recommends the following next steps:

Zoology degree: What can you do with it?
Colleges offering a Zoology major:

Thank you for answering! You made me realize that I worded my question wrong. While I was looking up hands-on courses for zoology (for being a zookeeper), they never really gave me zoology really. More like zoo technology Miryam R.

Thank you! Miryam R.

My pleasure! Here is a website with some useful information on becoming a zookeeper: AM Arshia Malek, M.Ed.

Thank you again!! Miryam R.

You're welcome. :) Arshia Malek, M.Ed.

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Pro’s Answer

Jefferson Community College, Santa Fe College, Pikes Peak Community College, Davidson-Davie Community College