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I'm in a dilemma if it is worthwhile to pursue international studies during this pandemic

I'm an MSc student in a science degree, and was accepted in an international internship last March. I was hoping the observership will lead to further training abroad. But thinking of the uncertainty due to the pandemic, I'm thinking if it is still worthwhile to plan for an international study/grant in the near future? Or maybe it's just a waste of time due to the uncertain risks in the future. Thank you for your help. scientist tech uncertainty planning

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5 answers

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Lisa’s Answer


Congratulations on being accepted into an international internship! I’m sorry that you plans have been impacted so drastically by the pandemic. To answer your question, I don’t think that the pandemic is a reason for you to totally stop pursuing your interests in international studies. Even though you might not be able to travel extensively in the near future, there are other ways to continue focusing on international studies. Many companies are hosting virtual international internships, and some universities are even doing virtual international study abroad opportunities. It might be a little time consuming, but I am confident you will be able to find these opportunities especially with the help of your university’s career services office. You could possibly even look for domestic opportunities that have an international focus, like with a multinational company or with an agency like the UN.

In addition, I would recommend considering a back up plan just in case you aren’t able to find opportunities that you are interested in. Worst case scenario, you waste a bit of time searching for opportunities that you don’t end up applying for, but at the end of the day, I think it’s worth it!


Thank you Ms. Lisa for your answer! Will do look for international internships; hoping a virtual internship will be open in a technical/scientific field such as my interest. Viktor C.

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Rebecca’s Answer

Having an internal internship is really a great offer. Congratulations! The pandemic is not a show stopper to give up this opportunity. However, I am not sure when you need to travel aboard for this offer and where you will go. Currently, a lot of countries have closed their borders and vast amount measures on travelling.
I suggest you can check with the organization which offers you the internship whether you could postpone it later in 2021. I hope the situation will improve given people start vaccining now.
Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Thank you for answer, I really appreciate it! Viktor C.

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Viktor,

A later responds, but I agree with the given answers.
I hope you have chosen to pursue your international experience. I have done various ones through internships. Each one of them gave me not only professional, but also personal experiences, let alone so much more knowledge. The pandemic is not a diet for a month by matter of speech. It is something which the world needs to adapt to in the coming months/years. Therefore, do not put aside your dreams and ambitions. Go after them, just make sure that you adapt as well. For example where you will live, normally people choose to live close to work/school. Now you can choose to live more in the suburb with a bigger living room, since you will be studying from home more often. Examples like this really help to adapt in my idea. Good luck with your dreams :D!

Regards, Kim
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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Viktor!

Congratulations on your internship opportunity, that's truly a great accomplishment. Clearly, this is something that you have been wanting to do, and have now received the opportunity to do it, but the pandemic is making you and many others second guess any big life changes. If you have the ability to go for it, I think you should, as you can always go back home if you change your mind, or if the pandemic worsens, but if you don't take the chance you may regret it in the future.

Best of luck :)


Thank you. Yes, the pandemic really made me second guess my future plans. Thank you; and yes, I don't want to regret it in the future. Thank you for making me realize this. Viktor C.

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Wade’s Answer

Hi Viktor, I agree with Lisa, although in current challenging circumstances we continually need to look to and prepare for the future. International studies and experience will be increasingly important in the global market. I currently have two boys attending studies internationally and am so proud of them and know that they will be much better positioned once business and travel return to some normalcy. My advice is to keep pursuing that opportunity! Even for the short term if travel is limited, virtual business is making the world that much more accessible and in a sense smaller. Even before the pandemic, I was having virtual meetings with colleagues and clients from UAE to Europe to New Zealand. Hope that helps?

Thank you for your answer. Will keep in mind your thoughts regarding being better positioned after this pandemic and continuously preparing for the future (it just gets demoralizing at times). Hope your sons are doing fine in their international studies. Again, much thanks! Viktor C.