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How many sales would I get in a week? Would people like my products? How will I know? This is for small-business owners.

Hello! I'm Ms. Tingle at the International Community School. My 5th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks so much!

small-business sales

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4 answers

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💡(E-le-tha)’s Answer

Hello, a small business owner can find the answers to all questions from their customers.

Question: How many sales would I get in a week?
Answer: 1st step is make a business plan. Income-Expenses=Profit
Your sales will be determined by how many people want to buy your product at a certain price. You have to calculate how much did it cost to make your product and at what price to sell it; in order to make a profit. Then when you set a goal of how much you want to make as profit you will know how many sales a week you need to keep making money.

Question: Would people like my products?
Answer: Your product should be something that people (consumers like you) would buy or need which is called "demand". Start small and work your way up

Question: How will I know? Ask your family or friends to try your product 1st. Get their feedback and don't be scared to try.
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Simeon’s Answer

To start a small business, you'll need to have a good taste what the preferences of your market are. I would spend time observing what unmet needs there are in your market. What types of businesses are underrepresented in your community? You need to remember that the business serves to meet their needs as well. Keep an eye out for what types of marketing seem to be the best to reach your target audience as well. You'll need an understanding of all of the above to put together a decent business plan. I'd also recommend drawing up the potential expenses for the business you have in mind and seeing what kind of prices you'd have to charge to cover your expenses while still earning an income.
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Dinesh’s Answer

How many sales would I get in a week? Would people like my products? How will I know? This is for small-business owners.

In addition to the above responses, here are a few guidelines

1. The number of sales depends on various factors,
It is important you do some kind of research on what you want to sell and what is the potential for that product or service you want to sell. The above points are all great, one important aspect is marketing your product; in simple terms if you have a good product make noise about it. Let people know.... :) the more awareness the greater the sale.
2. People liking your product is the key to success. Customer experiences are guided by various factors.
First try it yourself - are you satisfied? will you want more? will you come back for more?
Next is to provide samples - could be friends, family, general public - you need to obtain an unbiased input / feedback so that you can better your product.
3. How will I know
Customer feedback is the way you can know. Could be social forums, surveys, questionnaires etc.

Good luck selling!

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Bob’s Answer


Board questions. Perhaps a fun exercise with the students- Sound silly but something similar to the lemonade, cookie, coffee or something the students pick stand.

Lesson they can learn:
Capital Expense- building a stand, equipment needed etc.
Operating cost- lemonade, cups, staffing,.

The above are key to knowing what sales are needed to maintain a business.

I know a couple of some business owners. I can ask if they're willing to join a video class room or call.