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Sales representative

What are some techniques which you should learn to become a good sales? #sales

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30 answers

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Jorge’s Answer

Hi Janna!

Good question. Learn how to sell is very important thing in your life. This is a knowledge that you take with you in your entire life, regardless of the industry you work. It's for your life.

If you learn early how to sell, you will be in advantage over your competitors in the job market.

Some techniques that will help you:

  • Believe in the product you're selling;

  • Learn all about the product you're selling;

  • Think in advance the objections that can happen during the sale time;

  • Listen carefully to what your customer has to say;

  • Look into the eyes of your client while speaking;

  • Learn techniques for public speaking;

These are the most important techniques in my opinion.

Greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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Anne-Maree’s Answer

Sales is a passion and some of the best are very transparent with clients and also humble. Be curious. Take the time to understand your client's business, and the industry. Some of the best advise comes from people like John Barrows https://jbarrows.com/, and Gary Vaynerchuk https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/. Avoid being brash and taking too much about yourself, product and why they should buy from you. Take the time in your meetings to ask questions on what you can do to assist with their challenges and make them successful .
In your prospecting messages customize it to the individual, and before sending it look at their profile on LinkedIn or Twitter to assist you in crafting your message.
Finally, storytelling goes along way.Get to know your product solution well, and then use story telling to position that when you are pitching. Check out www.duarte.com/

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Scott’s Answer

Great question!
Some techniques to learn are
active listening skills
asking open ended questions
make sure you have a keen interest in the customer and what you are selling
educate customers on how they benefit from your solution
And....... Practice Practice Practice
Sales is skill so practicing helps you treat it like a process and get better at it every day
Good luck!

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Dhanesh’s Answer

Door to door is incredibly difficult these days. You will get rejected by about 85-90% of the residences you approach.
Umm, I wouldn't do it. If you work on commission only it's going to be rough - unless you have leads to customers, this is a hard as hell way to make money.

Look, the worst thing to do is sound like a salesperson when a person opens the door - people are sick of sales calls of any kind. Be honest, be personable, and don't sound like you have a canned speech that you say to every potential customer.

Do not say 'how are you today' - that's the kiss of death saying that. Every trained sales consultant starts the conversation with that - even I want to shoot them. Say, hi and Introduce yourself. And just say you'd like to talk to them about new features being offered to existing customers. Keep it casual and comfortable and don't act or try hard. Make eye contact but don't stare. Look down from time to time, that's a submissive look and it will make people a little more comfortable - it reads as shy.

When you talk, don't try to spit out a rehearsed speech - if you stumble you appear more human - the more professional you sound the more it turns people off. People are very suspicious of strangers these days, so keep a comfortable distance and never step forward toward their door, they will feel threatened. If they say no, thank them for their time and ask to offer a card in case they change their mind and wish to call at their convenience but if they say no, be gracious.

Just think, be respectful.

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Jason’s Answer

Sales is an incredible opportunity to make a lot of money while helping people get what they want. I personally found a person I could mentor under at my first sales job. He had been in that industry for 30 years and I learned an incredible amount from him. If you want to be successful in sales I highly suggest you emulate the successful people doing the same job you do. That, and role-playing different scenarios that you will face and how you respond will make it MUCH easier to overcome objections during negotiations.

Lastly, and this is HUGE. Try to stay away from companies that are commission only. In general, they tend to abuse or use their employees without fair compensation. If someone is not willing to pay you a basic salary plus commission its highly possible you don't want to work for them. This has been my personal experience and the experience of practically every other salesperson I have worked with. Beware the commission only scams!

Good luck in your career!

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Paul’s Answer

Sales is a great career! Every company needs them. A few things I have learned over the years.

• Establish rapport and greet with a smile.
• Asking open ended questions starts the customer talking of what they need.
• Ask further questions to help them discover more.
• Summarize what you heard them say and confirm it is correct.
• Present a solution or options that ties into solving or meeting their needs.
• Wrap up with how they can acquire the product or service that helps solve their problem.
• Sincerely thank them for their business and allowing you to serve them.

Always be improving your skills by looking at ways you could have handled a lost sale differently that would have been a better outcome. Constantly be sharpening your skills by investing in yourself by reading, attending training, workshops along with online resources.

I hope this was helpful,
All the Best

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Stéphane’s Answer

You have a lot of advices above. I would add that the best thing is to start from the beginning. What does it mean ?
Begin as a sales guy selling simple products in stores this is a hard job as people are not often interested in your products. So you have to be good in what you do. With the experience you will improve your skills and your approach. Experience in king in sales so do not hesitate to multiply experiences. And believe in yourself, in your are confident that you like SALES domain do not hear the bad advices. When I was young, a guy told me I will be a bad sales guy as I was too shy. 30 years later I feel really comfortable in my life, in my job selling products. I am very happy about my choice so listen to your heart if you feel this is your way for the future...

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Ivonne’s Answer

Sales is all about people and building trust. If the person or company trusts you and your passionate about product it will help! Connect with your customers, be genuine, personalize it, and discover what’s important for them. Also, recommend a solution based on their needs.

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Mitchell’s Answer

A few items:

Listening is key to your success. Take notes and confirm by repeating what you have learned or are asked for. It is important not to interrupt.

Understand what the goals of the individual are (personally and professionally). Understand why this is a goal, can they measured. How does this goal or need affect the team, leadership and the organization.

Effective clear communication and teamwork will be needed when working with your team to understand and respond to you customers needs. Set action items, ownership and due dates.

Time management is key to ensure you prioritize the different tasks needed for your success. You may have customer visits, administrative tasks, follow ups, proposal generation, and/or strategic planning. Planning your time is essential or you will be overwhelmed and miss your commitments.

Understand your product as well as your competitions. What are your strengths and how do they align with the customers goals.

Communication verbal, non verbal, written and presentation skills will be needed.

Ability to self reflect, ask others advice for feedback to build and grow your skills (internal and externally with customers)

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A’s Answer

Dear Janna,

In my opinions, a good sales representative is combining with sales the product and build the loyal relationship with the customer.

First of all - customer focus, get the real connection or engagement with your customers, get to know them more by their interest, family and life. Once your approachability is increase, the trust relationship within you and your customers will increase also.

Moreover, understanding customer’s needs is a bonus, beside of present the features and benefits of the product. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect, once you can satisfy your customer, I think you are a good sales.

Also, use empathy to understand more about the customer concerns, by switching position or mindset of the customer, than you will be able to get the sales and win the customer’s heart.

And you might need to think there would be several types of sales you might involve into. Such you would work in a place without any commission to share, or on the contrary the commission would be your only salary. Surely you could choose the hybrid one. It might affect you to what kind of sales you are going to choose, which actually would require the skills a little bit difference.

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Jamie’s Answer

Hi Janna! I think that the most important thing about sales is a genuine concern and care for your customer, good work ethic, and grit. Here are a few best practices:
Ask open-ended needs based questions- Everyone jsut wants to be successful. Genuinely seek to understand what their struggles and challenges are. What are their goals? What's holding them back? Become a partner and listen for keywords and hot items that you can tie back to your solution. Here is a good list: https://www.justsell.com/top-30-open-ended-questions
Present your solution- Make sure to tie in what they care about and pause/check in with the customer to make sure they are following you.

Don't get discouraged by "No"- I have learned that in many cases this means "not yet" and not to be shy about asking what they are concerned about...Price? The solution? Something else? Many times once you understand their concern, you can address and overcome it. This is hard at first, but gets easier with practice. winning a customer over after some challenges is one of the most rewarding parts of this job.
Get better everyday!- Network with successful sales people. Spend time developing yourself. Never stop growing. Here are a few online best practice articles.
Best Wishes!

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Alana’s Answer

Sales can be a great career. The skills that make you successful in sales will also make you successful in other parts of business. Active listening skills, asking open ended questions, and understanding the the needs of the customer and/or the customer's business are critical skills. Doing so, will help you become a trusted advisor. A healthy amount of a competitive spirit and strong work ethic will also help. Best of luck to you.

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Lisa M’s Answer


A good skill to develop is selling with emotional intelligence, having this skill will help you connect with your customer on another level.

Selling with emotional intelligence helps build stronger relationships with clients and helps them through the buying process!

Example of emotions or stages
- needs validation
- decision anxiety
- wanted to be treated special
- I want to be first
- know it all

Educate yourself early and perfect your craft!

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Jason’s Answer

This is a great question.

From my 19 years of being in sales, I have learned a few things that could help you with this question.

1.) Communication Skills! Being able to have a good conversation with someone is key to being a great salesperson. Eye contact, speaking clearly these are just a few things that will help you have a better conversation.

2.) Open-Ended Questions, the next time you have a conversation with anyone I want you to try asking only open-ended questions. This is any question that is not answered with a yes or no. Example of a closed-ended question: Do you like the color Red? Example of an open-ended question: What is your favorite color? And why? This can be challenging at first but I promise if you learn this skill it will take you from good to great!

3.) Open to Constructive Feedback. When you are in a sales job you have to be able to take feedback and use it to help you and not it hurt you. Remember that feedback can come from anywhere (peers, kids, customers) and learn from the feedback.

I hope these 3 tips help you out!

Jason Maltese

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Erin’s Answer

Always do what you say you are going to do. People do business with people they trust and like. If someone reaches out in the morning, answer in the morning, same with the afternoon. IF you do not have the answer that they need, you should still respond telling them by days end that you haven't forgotten them, but don't have all the information that they have asked for.

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Rob’s Answer

Sales Rep is a great job!

It is very important to understand what you are selling. Know everything there is to know about your product.. And, here are some other key traits that will help you sell.

  • Be Confident - Whether is its in person (good handshake, look the person in eye) or phone sales where your voice is your tool.

  • Be passionate about the product you are selling. If you believe in it, so will your potential customer.

  • Be prepared - Talk to your co-workers and know what kinds of questions people will ask and have your answers prepared.

  • Practice - Use friends and family to practice with. The more practice the better!

Many good books available online for sales as well.

Best of luck!

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Herman Jr’s Answer

Hi Janna,

First, you have to identify the customer's challenges and align it to the solution you are selling. Do not oversell, sell the benefits of the products instead. Conduct a demo (online) if needed. And lastly, always treat your customers as your friends.

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Cindy’s Answer

I don't know if it's techniques that make a great salesperson as much as the qualities. If you first have the qualities then the techniques can be taught. I saw this article and thought it was a great overview of what you need.


Ability to Listen
A good salesperson needs to satisfy a client’s needs. The only way to find out what those are is by listening to what each prospect is saying. The best salespeople aren’t always talking.

A good salesperson knows how to feel what their customers feel. By getting inside a prospect’s skin, they know just how to sell a product or service. Empathy is a great way to anticipate what a customer wants.

These folks also have a need to sell that goes beyond the money. They have personal needs only a sale can help them with. In short, their egos need to be fed with good sales numbers.

Salespeople who succeed enjoy measuring their skills against their peers. In a word, they’re competitive. They don’t just want to get better at what they do. They want to be better than everyone else.

Networking Ability
Good salespeople love to network. They get involved in their community and have many different business relationships. Networking is not so much a part of the job to them but the way they like to spend their time.

Believing in the product or service they are selling is essential. That comes across as a confidence that’s infectious and makes customers want to buy more.

A successful salesperson is always motivated. They are always ready to make a sale at any given moment and continually looking for possibilities.
Top earners know how to bounce back from a dry spell. They don’t get discouraged when the sales numbers are down. Rather, they look for innovative ways to turn things around.

Multitasking Skills
An outstanding salesperson knows how to juggle deals they are trying to close with promising leads. They can even respond to queries through emails and on the phone at the same time. Great multitaskers make excellent additions to any sales team.

The folks that are best at selling stuff are also honest. They know that shady deals lead to burned bridges that can multiply and cost a lot more than one client.

Being curious with the clients and the product is only the start. The best of these folks are also on the lookout for changes in the industry and what’s offered by the competition.

An outstanding sales representative can go with the flow. Adapting to the client’s schedule and preferences can make all the difference.

Communications Skills
There’s no way around having excellent verbal skills if you’re trying to sell people goods and services. People who excel here know how to stay away from jargon and hard to understand concepts.

Without being rude or pushy, good salespeople know how to get the job done. They know many people face the most challenging obstacle just before they reach their goal. They know how to work through slumping sales numbers.

When a sales representative loves their company, it shows in their pitch. That’s why the most successful salespeople are the best cheerleaders for their small businesses at the same time.

Sales is hard work. The people who really succeed don’t wait for customers to come to them. Prospecting takes up a lot of their time.

Sales representatives that position themselves at the top stay in touch with their clients. They send birthday, anniversary and thank you cards. It’s all about looking for new ways to stay in a client’s mind.

Understanding of Value
The real superstars in this line of work understand that selling isn’t just about price. They know how to use a value proposition to full advantage.

Setting goals and achieving them is important in every small business. That’s especially true for the quotas that salespeople work towards.

Charming sales representatives create a good first impressions and open the door to sales. Working on your diction and having a groomed appearance makes a big difference.

Salespeople who can think on their feet and fit in with changing situations are worth their weight in gold. Having a strong imagination is a valuable characteristic.

Some clients need a little more handling than others to close a sale. A good sales representative knows this and takes all the time needed.

Taking matters into their own hands is the mark of the real pro here. If there’s a product or services that needs to be sold, they can find a way.

Being self motivated and working on a commission make the best salespeople really good at working on their own.

Finally, the best salespeople know they need to go above and beyond to be successful. They like to set the bar high and are continually try to meet new goals.

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Jacob’s Answer

Great sales techniques are developed over time.

Pro tips

1. Know your product.

2. Know you customer.

3. Know your numbers forward and backwards.

4. Feedback is crucial! Always try different meathods. There is no perfect answer.

5. Speaking human.

6. Find a mentor and learn best practices.

7. Failure is necessary.

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Jessica’s Answer

Be gritty, stay focused, and make sure you organize and prioritize what is needed to be done! If people tell you "no", don't take it personally because what they really mean is "not now". I would also highly recommend associating and asking advice from the most successful person who has created results because it will help you get on your feet faster!

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Liliana’s Answer

Connect with your customer, discover what your customer needs, recommend according to your customers needs, close the sale by asking for the sale. Consistency is key to master these sales process.

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Zach’s Answer

My best tip, listen, listen, listen, and ask curious questions based on what you heard from listening.

People buy from people they like, by listening, you understand you prospect and what they want and why there speaking with you today.

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Jason’s Answer

The best book you can read is "The Art of Persuasion". This is amazing for sales professionals. Jeffrey Gitomer is the best author for sales books as well.

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KJ’s Answer

Take every learning opportunity you can get! As a sales assistant, I have the opportunity to learn from 13 different Account Executives, and 4 sales managers. I use every chance I have to learn from them by asking questions, paying close attention to the work I do for them, and being a student of the business in general.

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Stephen’s Answer

Great question, one thing I think that's really helped me is mastering the art of people. The better you can understand people and tendencies the greater sales person you'll be. I read a really good book called the like switch which really helped me.

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Robert’s Answer

My biggest thing is learning the product that you are selling and how to relate it to your customer. Connect with your customer and gain trust. Last but not least use the power of asking.

Robert recommends the following next steps:

Find someone to practice scenarios with that will give you constructive criticism.

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Kopavi’s Answer

Learn how to connect with people. People buy from people they have things in common with and can connect on a personal level. Unless you can show genuine interest in the people you are selling to it can be a difficult thing to do. Through understanding who the person is you can relate the real benefits to them on what you are selling and provide the right solution to them. Know your product or products! You will lose the trust from your customer if they don't believe what you are talking about. Overcome objections with clarifying what the objection is, don't just take no, understand why no so you can specifically overcome the real objection. Ask for the sale! Never let a no or a failed sale affect your next sales opportunity, you will fail often but the more consistent you are and the more positive you stay the better you will do.

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Scott’s Answer


There are a lot of sales techniques and most companies you would work for will teach you the techniques they would like for you to use. Almost all of them teach you to connect with the customer and to discover things about them that will allow you to link their products to the customer. One of the biggest things I can tell you is you cannot be afraid to hear someone tell you no. Almost all sales jobs are a numbers game the more people you ask to purchase the more likely you are to close sales.

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Jon’s Answer

Great question, but there really isn't a perfect answer. Every sales person is a little different. The first step is to trust in the product or service that you are selling. Once you trust in your product you will have the ability to gain the trust of your customers. The best sales people are folks that can listen well and convey confidence and truthfulness to their customers. Listening is a big part of sales. If you can ask the right questions and sit back and listen, then formulate an answer to solve your customers problems or pain points then you will be successful.

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Casey’s Answer

The best way to develop your sales skills by far is join a company in the industry you have interest in that will invest in YOU and mentor you. Sales training can vary widely, but a good sales program is worth its weight in gold. To keep things brief, I'll offer a few suggestions.

The most important skill is listening and asking questions (discovery/qualifying). Learn to ask open ended question.

Know your product/solution and be a consultant - not everyone is a fit by the way - which is fine! Tell them they aren't a fit but you'd welcome speaking to them again when/if they are. They will respect that.

Once you have determined they are a good prospect - teach and tailor. These are presentation skills. The more you get in front of people, the better you will get. Practice! Give them valuable insight they don't already have, give them examples of other customers achieving success aligning to their goals, and tailor your presentation to the prospect (business/technical), etc. Most successful salespeople can pivot their approach on the fly to match the prospects desired goal/outcome.

Ask for the business (closing). I cannot tell you how many people are uncomfortable doing this. This skill is imperative to making a living. If the answer is no, ask why and if you can address that, would they be open to doing business. Getting a quick "no" is must better than coming in 2nd after a long campaign.

Tell them thank you and keep in touch. They are buying from you, the skill of nurturing and building your network will serve you long after the sale is final. Good luck...sales is a very rewarding career!