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Sales representative

What are some techniques which you should learn to become a good sales?...


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How do I move to a different job market?

I am based in the SF Bay Area. I am considering to move out of it after I graduate college with a degree in advertising. Some places I am considering are Seattle, Austin, Portland, or Los Angeles. I love the Bay Area but its really expensive to live here. I eventually want to get my own place...

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Best Major for Sales

What's the best major I can get to get into medical/pharmaceutical sales?...


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Anthony S. Nov 19, 2020 355 views

Should I minor in Marketing or take more business classes that interest me?

I am currently a 3rd year Psychology major who plans to attain an M.B.A. after graduation. I am wondering if I should take a minor in marketing vs. taking other business classes I am more interested in as my elective classes and how it affects my application in any M.B.A. program (whether at my...

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