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Jason Powers

Licensed Adjuster/Estimating/Claims/Project Manager
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Grapevine, Texas
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Abbas Sep 28, 2016 1499 views

How do you think my university’s reputation is viewed when it comes to hiring?

when applying to a job how much is based off skill and merit when interviewers question you
#computer-software #computer #management #programming #personal-development #job-application

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Aug 27, 2016 63347 views

Can I major in business and go on to medical school?

Is this is a challenging path or would it leave me unprepared for the MCAT?

Shawn’s Avatar
Shawn May 25, 2016 2053 views

What is the best character trait employers are looking for in new employees?

I want to know what character traits employers find most important in the work place today. Maybe there is a particular trait to hone in on or be more conscientious of. #management #leadership #employers #project-managers

Hamid’s Avatar
Hamid Aug 22, 2016 1058 views

What specific fields are there in business and what is the outlook for a business major?

I am very interested in economics and business but am not sure what major I want to specify myself to. I'm a junior in high school. I know still have time to decide but I want to have a general idea of the different majors. #economics #buisness #corporate-finance

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Aug 24, 2016 1113 views

Would you say that it is bad to go to frat/sorority parties?

Just wondering since they seem to get really bad rep #college #career #greek-life

Janna’s Avatar
Janna May 26, 2016 3504 views

Sales representative

What are some techniques which you should learn to become a good sales? #sales