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i need to become auto mobile engineering what i need to do?

I am in 9th so i need to become a auto mobile engineer so what i can be did to make my job perfect #engineer #teacher #scientist #mechanical #experts

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2 answers

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Wael’s Answer

You have several options. You could join an automotive engineering program and become an automotive engineer. You could also join a mechanical engineer program and apply to automotive industry. Aerospace engineers are needed by the industry too. Lastly, electrical engineer can join the automotive industry also. Your choice depends on what program you enjoy more. These programs give you the opportunity to work on different sides of industry.

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Ashish’s Answer


I am very happy to hear that you know your aim.

You have solve all the problems what normally others will face while pursuing their career.

What you have to do is just increase your faith by daily imaging that you already become engineer and do hard-work to make it reality.

Do not stop until you achieve it. You will meet people who will try to deviate you but you have to believe on your self and your decision.

If you will do this, nobody will stop you to become an auto mobile engineer.

Best of luck.