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How do you become a tour manager?

I love music and playing guitar and so I want to know how I would become a tour manager so I can have a career in the music industry. #music-industry #music #tourmanager

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2 answers

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Vineeth’s Answer

You do not usually need any particular qualifications to become a tour manager, but you would need a good standard of general education.

You would also need:

experience of working with people
a friendly and approachable manner
a keen interest in the culture, geography, and history of the locations covered by the tour
good working knowledge of foreign languages if touring overseas
experience of working overseas if the job you are applying for is based abroad
You could move into this job after gaining experience in a related role, such as a travel agent, tour guide, or tour rep.

Qualifications related to leisure, travel, and tourism are available at all levels through colleges and universities and you may find it useful to complete one of these, but it is not essential.

Related skills Related subjects
* Communication * Foreign languages
* Customer service
* Interpersonal skills
* Organization
* Problem-solving
* Time management

Desirable qualifications
Qualifications related to leisure, travel, and tourism

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Courtney!

You know that there is a big difference in playing music for fun, and finding a career in the industry. And wanting to be a Tour Manager means you have to have a lot of skills!

Think of all the elements in a tour—from the logistics of getting band, crew and equipment to the correct location, on time and within budget to keeping track of the finances, petty cash, HR issues, and general "fix-it" for anything that might go wrong.

I think general business classes—learn about marketing, accounting, organization, communication and software would be a first step, and these are all skills that are transferrable to other music industry jobs in the future if you wish.

Good Luck!


Mark recommends the following next steps:

You might want to look for a local band that is gigging in the Locust Grove area, and offer your services to them (for free or a nominal fee) and see the types of things that come up that they need help with. The more experiences you have the more help you can bring to a band.