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christin Mar 25, 2019 3373 views

What are the pros and cons of the music industry?

#music #music-industry

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney Jan 22, 2021 575 views

How do you become a tour manager?

I love music and playing guitar and so I want to know how I would become a tour manager so I can have a career in the music industry. #music-industry #music #tourmanager

lainy’s Avatar
lainy Jan 21, 2021 757 views

How much does an Interior Designer get paid yearly?

Interior design #kitchenremodeling #store

emiliano’s Avatar
emiliano Jan 10, 2018 628 views

Is music production something I should go to college for?

l'm a freshman in high school and I have a passion for cooking some fire beats and I want to get better. Some of my role models are metro boomin, whoever made the beat for Tay-K's "the race". I would appreciate some advice very much and look forward to having a conversation. #musicproduction...

Alexandru’s Avatar
Alexandru Jan 19, 2018 457 views

Do you have to be really good and talented in order to have a Graphic Design major?

I am thinking of studying Graphic Design but I am not that good at drawing. #graphic-design

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Jan 16, 2018 788 views

What jobs can you get with a photography major?

I'm strongly considering doing a photography major, but other than working as a freelance photographer or working for a magazine company, I don't know of many jobs that are specifically for photographers. #photography #majors #job

ajay’s Avatar
ajay Jan 22, 2018 767 views

i can't decide what career should i go into

I love photography and want to be a photographer when I'm older but I also love writing and consider that. what should I do?

#photography #digital-photography #writing #creative-writing

deandre’s Avatar
deandre Jan 11, 2017 806 views

How exactly do I start a business

I am thinking about starting a music business. I want to make a career for myself singing hopefully. But I don't know how to go about doing that. #music #experience #in

Elena’s Avatar
Elena Feb 08, 2017 674 views

What is DJ's income per job and yearly?

When I get older I was thinking of being a DJ but then I thought about the income and wondered if it is enough to support a family. #music #dj

Aram’s Avatar
Aram May 26, 2016 896 views

I want to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts. What is the average salary of a Culinary Arts Graduate for a first year entry level position?

I really would like to own my own restaurant one day, but I know I need experience. So I am more than willing to start off working for someone else and maybe even a well known high end restaurant. #engineering #management #music #chef #culinary #food #catering #financial-planning

David ’s Avatar
David Jul 01, 2016 1012 views

How do I get into music production

I am a Sophomore Students in James lick High school. how do i get into music production. i want to be the next dj khaled #music #production

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 21, 2016 864 views

What one essential skill do you feel every music supervisor should have?

I am an aspiring music supervisor and, because the field is so unique, education options to prepare me are limited. I have taken a film music class but I would like to hear from experts what they really look for in these individuals and what might help me stand apart from others in my field....

Michaela ’s Avatar
Michaela Sep 01, 2017 519 views

How do I brake the bad habit of procrastination.

This happens to me a lot. Especially in math class. I want to do the work and I plan about it, but sometimes I get to distracted. I want to do better to change my life so I can influence and help others as well.#sociology #music #theatre

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Sep 01, 2017 442 views

What are high paying jobs for a person with a music engineering major?