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Santa Clarita, California

Within 40 mile radius
Mya’s Avatar
Mya yesterday 21 views

What classes should I take when majoring in law?

I want to graduate with a law degree so that I may become a defense attorney. Law is my passion and I look forward to being able to help people who do not have the ability to protect themselves.

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Nov 30 100 views

How can I improve on my career?

I have always loved software engineering because my dad introduced it to me when I was 5 years old. Going through such career is really lovely.

Yenifer’s Avatar
Yenifer Nov 29 65 views

How do you find local scholarships?

What is the best way to find local scholarships? And win them?

max’s Avatar
max Nov 23 53 views

college job question?

how easy is it to get a job on campus

talya’s Avatar
talya Nov 22 32 views

what do you like to do?

What do you like to do?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Nov 20 52 views

What do I do cuz I dumb

I want a job but I don’t know

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Nov 18 52 views

How can I go about coding effectively ?

What are the things I need to know? What are the tools that can help learn coding easily?

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Nov 17 40 views

How fast can data analysis and coding be learnt?

What do I need to faster my learning of coding and data analysis?

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Nov 14 48 views

How to become a elementary school teacher?

I wanna be a elementary school teacher, how can i achieve this? And what are other paths as well? I do want to work with children so is there any other careers that are suggested?

ally’s Avatar
ally Nov 09 75 views

how do people get good jobs ojt of college?

fhff i wa sonwering how people can get hihg paying jobs right out of college and what I should start doing right away in order to get such a good job

April’s Avatar
April Nov 04 56 views

How can I find an internship on being a nurse How do I apply for a job do I go to the place??

I want to start finding jobs that help me figure out which career path I want to pursue. How can I find an internship on being a nurse? How do I apply for a job do I go to the place?

sam’s Avatar
sam Oct 31 109 views

How do you start an online data entry job?

I'm so confused every time i try to start a data entry job its always a scam

Kain’s Avatar
Kain Oct 31 111 views

Why does the human body not like to work out.

Why don’t we like to exercise even though it is good for you. I mean it’s better for you and gets your energy high and better for your looks and personalities.

Yera’s Avatar
Yera Oct 30 110 views

How to integrate AWS DevOps with Node JS.?

Hi, I am doing internship for this AWS DevOps certification and I have been assigned a task to integrate AWS DevOps with Node JS. As I am new to it and didn't have any strong knowledge. Could anyone please provide solution here so I could do it effectively. I have gone through this...

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Oct 24 248 views

What career(s) should I look into?

Hello, I'm Kylie. I'm currently a sophmore, and feel like I should start looking into careers. Though, I don't really know where to start. I do know what I do want in a job, just not very sure what jobs meet my needs. I would love some guidance on where to start! I know I am asking for a lot...

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