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Deana P. yesterday 18 views

What can I do with an Anthropology degree that is not only Anthropology?

I pursued an Anthropology degree because I thoroughly enjoyed learning the four branches of Anthropology and what they offered within each branch. However, I do not want to pursue a career as an anthropologist. So I was wondering what else could I do with the degree? What career fields out...

#career #curious #jobsearch

Maria E.’s Avatar
Maria E. Jan 13, 2018 343 views

how will my future be like if i choose criminology as my major?

i want to know how it would change my lifestyle #criminology #forensics #college-major #college...


Yerin O.’s Avatar
Yerin O. Nov 22, 2016 605 views

What isthe GPA requirement for West Point Academy?

I'm interested in West Point Academy, but I don't know their average GPA requirements for high schooners. #military #us-army-military #rotc #united-states-army...


Julisa C.’s Avatar
Julisa C. Jan 17, 2018 438 views

How do I get information on different programs and clubs outside of school?

Recently, I have learned about different programs that are offered to students in my community, that I have never heard of before, until now. With this realization, I'd like to know how to be able to get informed if there are other programs or clubs that I'd be able to participate in. Not only...

#community #clubs #programs #nonprofits #communications #community-outreach #student-activities

Joselyn R.’s Avatar
Joselyn R. Jan 16 33 views

What kind of law did you study/are you practicing, and why?

I am in my junior year of college and will be applying to law schools next year. I have no idea what law I want to do and I am concerned because I know I should at least narrow it down so that I can choose the law school that best matches me. #law #legal #lawyer #attorney #law-school #lawyers...

Ashley T.’s Avatar
Ashley T. May 21, 2020 351 views

When is the best time for a college student to scout for internships and/or research opportunities?

I am taking summer classes this summer and planning to take more next summer so I can lessen my course work over the school year. During the school year I work part time on campus and my school runs by the quarter system, so I feel like summer classes are a must. That being said, I have left...

#college #research #internship #engineering

Ester S.’s Avatar
Ester S. Nov 29, 2020 189 views

How can I become a RN?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I am having trouble understanding the steps , like what do I do first after I graduate high school ? Do I go straight to nursing school ? Do I go to college/university first and if so what classes...

#college #medical-school #pharmacy #medicine #nurse #rn #nursing

Julisa C.’s Avatar
Julisa C. Jan 17, 2018 390 views

How should I know which medical career is the best for me?

As I get closer to going to college, I have decided that I'd like to work in the medical field. As a result, I have researched different specialties that are offered in order to become a doctor, but since there are so many, I do not know which one would be the best for me. As of right now, my...

#pediatrician #dermatologist #dermatology #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare

Samantha C.’s Avatar
Samantha C. Jun 12, 2020 633 views

Should I join the Air Force or go to College?

Hi, My name is Samantha and I am 1 of 5 siblings. None of which went to college or made a life of themselves. But I am the only one out of 5 that is super smart and has excellent grades. I am a student that have straight A's and could possibly get a scholarship. But on the other hand, I looked...

#college #engineer #military

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Angelica F. Dec 16, 2020 102 views
David D.’s Avatar
David D. Apr 21, 2020 1248 views
Esmeralda R.’s Avatar
Esmeralda R. May 09, 2016 512 views

What kind of jobs could you get with a associates degree in child development?

I plan on getting an associates degree in child development and would just like to know. #development...


Brodrick P.’s Avatar
Brodrick P. Mar 15, 2016 867 views

Can you give me some tips and/or resources that will help me start to develop good analytical skills now, in high school?

I want to prepare for a career in finance but I'm not sure how to start doing that now, while still in high school, to get ahead of the game. What did you do to become proficient in analytics? Are there books you recommend I read? Website I could use? Thanks you in advance! #finance...

#analytics #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Leah F.’s Avatar
Leah F. Jan 18, 2018 392 views

What are some techniques to become a better studier?

I recently finished my first semester at Cal State Fullerton and I strive to do better this upcoming spring semester, but I need new ways to study. My old ways didn't get me as far as they did in high school. I am open to about anything. Thanks!...


Tricia L.’s Avatar
Tricia L. May 14, 2020 227 views

What should high schoolers be doing right now in order to get accepting into nursing school?

Hello, I'm an upcoming junior in high school looking to better my chances at attaining a career in #nursing...

Liam C.’s Avatar
Liam C. Jan 18, 2018 327 views

Is it better to go in or out of state for college/university?

I am psychologically set on furthering my education out of my home state at a four-year university, but is there any disadvantages in doing this besides out-of-state tuition? Advantages? #university #career-path #workforce-planning #college-advice...


Brian G.’s Avatar
Brian G. Apr 24, 2018 222 views

Why are there no scholarships specific to graduate school?

I am applying to graduate school, and many scholarships (70% I would say) are specific to undergraduate studies. In addition, there are very specific graduate school scholarships around stem, a field I have no interest in. #stem #college #college-advice #graduate-school #financial-planning...


Albert P.’s Avatar
Albert P. Feb 25, 2017 940 views

How do you stay confident?

I know that having confidence is very important when you are interviewing with potential employers and for when you are interacting with your peers. However, I find that sometimes I lose confidence when something negative happens, such as being rejected from a company, or doing poorly on a...

#college #career-counseling #job-application #career-choice #personal-development #interviews #interviewing-skills #career

Lilian M.’s Avatar
Lilian M. May 13, 2016 626 views

What careers are available for a political science major?

Im about to start college in the fall and i have always had the idea of becoming a lawyer, but im not sure whether this career is for me. #lawyer #government #political-science...


Angel  C.’s Avatar
Angel C. May 13, 2016 1350 views

What job can I get if I graduate with a political science major?

Something in law seems like an obvious job but something other than that would help. #college #law #help...


Vanessa R.’s Avatar
Vanessa R. May 28, 2018 330 views

Do applying as undeclared hold you back from graduating from a university in four years?

I want to graduate in four years but I feel that applying as undeclared may cause me to spend time and money on classes that won't be useful for my major. #money #colleges...


Megan Rylee D.’s Avatar
Megan Rylee D. Dec 06, 2018 459 views

What are qualities of a good LinkedIn profile?

I am wondering what employers want to see in a LinkedIn profile and what they don't want to see. #linkedin #job...


Kimberly G.’s Avatar
Kimberly G. Apr 10, 2019 242 views

How do you shadow a career?

I've been looking on how to shadow a business career. I want to go in either marketing or communications for a major and want to shadow someone to see if I would like the job. I live in Los Angeles so I feel like there'd be a lot of business workers near me but I don't know how to contact them....

#business #highschool #marketing #communications

Vera L.’s Avatar
Vera L. Dec 09, 2019 146 views

What does an industry/organizational psychologist do in a typical day?

I am interested in IO psychology, but here's what's holding me back: I don't know if I'll have a steady job at a place like Google or Microsoft, or if I'll have to keep going from place to place every month or so for new gigs. #psychology #business #clinical-psychology #psychology...

#industrypsychology #io #organizationalpsychology

Brandon H.’s Avatar
Brandon H. May 14, 2016 468 views

Entering college this fall, high school history teacher is my goal, any advise on courses I should take?

I've seen my advisor, but she is just giving me general information. Wanted to know if theirs anything special I should be taking....


Albert P.’s Avatar
Albert P. Jan 23, 2018 612 views

How do I get started in the field of data science/big data/machine learning?

I'm a third year computer science major, and I've been trying to learn more about data science/big data/machine learning. There aren't any classes offered at the college that I'm attending that cover these topics, and I'm a little lost as to how I would get started in any of these fields. What...

#data-analysis #big-data #engineering #computer-engineering #machine-learning #analytics #software-engineering #computer-software #data-science

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