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How exactly do I start a business

Asked Indianapolis, Indiana

I am thinking about starting a music business. I want to make a career for myself singing hopefully. But I don't know how to go about doing that. #music #experience #in

3 answers

Mark’s Answer

Updated Santa Clarita, California
My answer actually has questions! Deandre--what do you men when you say you want to start a music business? Are you wanting a singing business just for you, or a business that provides singers to people that need them? You can always do singing personally for events--weddings, etc. casually, but if you want to have a regular business, you'll need to look into getting a business licence, opening a bank account in your business name, create advertising--starting with a business card, website and the like. Find out wht the requirements are in Indy to create a business. Do you have samples that you can provide potential customers—like video or audio files? What is your specialty? What makes you different from all the others in your field? Figure out a particular part of the business that you want to persue, and start there. One of the hardest thing that most new business owners face is focus. You have lots of ideas, but you need to focus your energy and effort on a single area—you can always branch out later. Have a plan, set goals for yourself. Will you sing for free for exposure? Are there studios you can contact and let know that you are available for demo work? Do you read music/charts? Do you sing in a particular style? Lots of things to think about and focus on. Good luck! -M

Vanessa’s Answer

Updated Fort Lauderdale, Florida

First, I suggest demos. If you want to make it big, how would we know you have it in you. Second, you have to jump on any opportunities you get for anything, from minor to major coverage. Hoped that I helped.

matthew’s Answer

Updated Victoria, Texas

Conceive an idea first, read about it, evaluate it and plan how to get your capital....then the rest can follow.