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What are the pros and cons of the music industry?

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6 answers

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Kevin’s Answer

Hi! The rewards can be monetary or just the personal satisfaction and the love of playing music! Of course one can make a career of the music business and be comfortable or very successful. Just know.... it is a very competitive business as I am sure you have heard. If this is you're dream than go for it! No boundaries as to what you may achieve. :)

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Vineeth’s Answer

Like many creative professions, the life of a professional musician has both its advantages and disadvantages. As such, some musicians opt to work part-time gigs rather than make music their full-time job, simply because of the sporadic nature of employment in an artistic industry where competition is high

Advantages of Being a Professional Musician

The primary "pro" of being a professional musician is that you get to enjoy your art and earn an income while following your passion and doing what you love. You have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, travel and have a variety of new experiences, often while courting an admiring fan base. The highest level of professional musicians can earn a healthy salary, either as solo artists, session players or as part of a group or band. Other benefits include:

Perfecting your craft

Making a contribution to the artistic community
Making industry contacts that can help advance your career in other performance areas

Disadvantages of Being a Professional Musician

The lack of a steady schedule or a stable income is perhaps one of the greatest disadvantages of being a professional musician. While travel appeals to many, others may find being on the road has drawbacks, such as a nontraditional family life. Additionally, musicians don’t enjoy the benefits that come with a steadier job, such as health insurance and retirement income. It can be a struggle to make ends meet, particularly when you're composing, performing, traveling and continually trying to market yourself for the next gig. Other downsides to this career path include:

Unpredictable scheduling
Performing in smoky clubs, which can harm vocal cords
Exposure to a party atmosphere that may not appeal to all musicians

Having a background or education in business, finance or marketing can help you increase your odds of success as a professional musician. Many musicians have side professions or education or training in other areas they can fall back on in between gigs. This might include being a music or band teacher or tutor, or an entirely unrelated field of work. Some professional musicians find it beneficial to have a flexible secondary line of work that allows them to prioritize their music career while still having a financial safety net.

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Raphael’s Answer

That is a pretty open question. Depends on what you are trying to inside the industry. I need a more specific question

As far as an artist goes when you are signed to a label there are rules you have to play by which may limit your creativity or who you can work with.

Pertaining to any other job I consider it like sales work. The money is great when there is work but you don’t know when your next check is coming.

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Christin--

Raphael is right on target. It really depends on what you want to do in the industry. The Music business is like any other—it is a business and lots of it is not terribly glamorous. That being said, depending what you do, it is more fun to do it in a creative environment than in a strict, corporate environment.

Explore the different things you are interested in in the music business, and concentrate on learning what you can bring to a company. This will make you more valuable and well rounded for music or another industry.

Good luck!

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Kenneth’s Answer


There are many pros to this industry.

1. The connections you make are the most important part of this job. You get to create a community of people who aspire to also be a part of the music industry!

2. You will be pursuing your passion and your drive and dedication will guide you to work hard every day.

3. There is always room to grow as an independent artist in the industry


1. Money will be an issue for a little while, but with time, connections will grow, offering you jobs that will fit your branch of work.

2. not everybody has good intentions when it comes to giving you advice. listen closely to people who have good intentions when they speak to you about your career.

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Elen’s Answer

Hey there! So, here are some positive and negative sides of music industry:


1. If you want to be a music creator, your whole day will be spent in front of a computer screen which makes you really tired

2. If you make music just for fun, it's not the same as building your career in that industry

3. You have to have the talent of hearing the notes. For example, when watching an unofficial clip for a music video, you have to pay attention on the music itself, so you can see if the music is right or a semi tone higher/lower


1. It's very amazing! No, seriously, when you are listening to other music you are like "hey, I want my music to be more beautiful". And you have that chance now!

2. You have the opportunity to practice for free! If you are a beginner, I recommend you to download Bandlab music editor. It is free and it can help you to know the basics of music creating

3. Music is the profession which requires talent only. You can start creating music from now! Music doesn't pay attention on age, but talent is required.

Elen recommends the following next steps:

Download a music creating app