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What one essential skill do you feel every music supervisor should have?

I am an aspiring music supervisor and, because the field is so unique, education options to prepare me are limited. I have taken a film music class but I would like to hear from experts what they really look for in these individuals and what might help me stand apart from others in my field. #music #film #television #personal-development

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Hi! Do you like to listen to ALL kinds/genres of music? Do you have a huge MP3 library - do you own 100s and 100s of songs that you listen to? I think that knowing what song best fits what movie/score/scene means that you should know as many songs in all genres as possible.

For example, if I told you that I am making a movie and am looking for a classic love song from the '40s, would you know what to recommend? You must know more than just current music.

That's just the beginning! We lived in LA for a while and learned that it is ALL about connections - relationships, people that you meet and know. So learning as much as you can about all kinds of music is the first step. Then, making the right connections to be hired is next. If you don't live in LA or NY, it may be more difficult.

But if you really want to do this, then give it your all. Also, know about movies from all decades, not just current.

All the best!

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I'm a music producer and really don't have any experience in that area. I've done tons of industrial films, some TV and one feature, but I wish someone would have told me to move to LA or NY or wherever that is the best shot of getting that experience. I have one friend that was doing that. He is a great musician/guitarist and has a classical degree but that didn't help him. He moved to LA and got a job with a big film company in the "music preparation room". Basically he made copies and taped the music together that they would use in sessions for film scoring. He did a good job and very, very slowly moved up the ladder to music supervisor.

Sorry I'm not more help.

Good luck

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Hi Emily-- Check out the Music Supervisor Guild website (http://www.guildofmusicsupervisors.com/). You'll find out about the job, and may be able to make some contacts. Sammy and Elizabeth both have great points in their answers--you need to know all genres of music, and you may start out in a very entry level job despite having education. If it is what you want to do, persue it will all the resources availabe. And good luck! -M
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