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I am in 10th grade and I have a few career ideas, but I am not sure how to narrow down my options.

At school my favorite subject is science and I enjoy doing more hands-on work because it is more interesting in my opinion. My hobbies include doing my skincare, walking my dogs, and baking. A topic that I am passionate about is anything to do with taking care of my hair and skin. What is some career options that align with these interest? What are some steps I can take to help in the future? #career #healthcare #career-paths #careers

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3 answers

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Kate’s Answer

Hi Allison! One perspective to consider is what you like specifically about taking care of your hair and skin. For example, I'm wondering if it's about the self-care ritual (maybe you'd like being a health and wellness coach), or understanding the best products to use (maybe you 'd be interested in the science that goes into creating products and combining ingredients), or creating something beautiful (maybe you'd like advertising/fashion). Do you like to totally engulf in research before you try something or is it more exciting to jump in and see what happens to create something new? Do you imagine yourself working for someone else or do you want to have your own business? These types of questions might help you to cast a wide net for opportunities, and identify people you want to interview to learn about how they got into their careers.

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Ashley’s Answer

First let me commend you taking the steps and putting in the initiative to think about some career options. I wish I had the resources and drive you have when I was in 10th grade. So kudos to you!
What I would recommend is the medical field. By applying to an entry level position you begin your work experience and grow your resume. Once in a position it's very common to move up to another position if you exhibit good work ethic and determination to grow. The medical field is always in demand and something we need. Once you have gained some more hands on experience try applying to a dermatologist or plastic surgeons office that will allow you to be more in the realm of some skin care. You could work as an assistant or MA. ( Sometimes certain employers don't require a certification.)
Another option is going to school to be an esthetician. Although a lot work in spas, some do work in medical offices as well. You would need to have a license but at least some programs you can take day or evening, allowing you to work perhaps part time in a bakery, walking dogs, or retail doing something else you enjoy.

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Edie’s Answer

Hi Allison,

What a great time to be thinking about "what next?"

My uncle was once a Research and Developer for Helene Curtis. They make a number of hair and skin products under the brands of Suave and Gillette. He loved the combination of business, science, and math this role provided for him. His actual degree was in Chemistry.

I would say that if you end up taking the route of a traditional collegiate path for your next steps, keep in mind that you don't have to have your final destination in place before entering, just a general idea. Find a school that has a good science program, maybe one with some hair and skin businesses nearby so you can find opportunities there for employment while in school. Then allow your first year or two to explore some of the programs, classes, etc. to find where your passion really resides. A lot of those classes will give you that broad exposure to "try out" a few areas and get a better feel for what you like. Don't feel you have to have it nailed down exactly, right away.