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What are some good colleges if i want to major in sports medicine

im really interested in sports and things in the medical field and i would really like to work with athletes medicine sports athletics athlete

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2 answers

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Keith’s Answer

All college sports medicine programs will better prepare you for a career in the field. Like every field of study, the core curriculum will be the same. Further enrichment opportunities may be the differentiator. Enrichment, meaning opportunities to learn in alternative settings, access to partner programs and facilities with support from the broader community.

To that end, university programs with close partnerships with the professional sports community; active in public support may be good ones to consider. Students in these programs may get access to internship and mentor programs in the field in those professionals creating potential transition into permanent employment.
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Geoffrey’s Answer

Hi Clarissa,

My brother is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and he went to the University of New England in Maine.

They also have great programs in...

Applied Exercise Science (


Athletic Training (

I also came across the below site that ranks a few of the top sports medicine schools...worth a read.

Hope that helps, good luck to you!