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Would getting a minor make me qualify for a job in the field.

I am a high school junior with many interests, and would like to have the flexibility to do multiple occupations throughout my life. My question is that if, say, I major in a field like nursing, but also minor in education, would I be able to get a job as a teacher if nursing does not work out? Does this work only with some occupations? #career #career-choice #career-path #college-minor

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1 answer

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William’s Answer

The answer to your question is not as easy as the question. Many career fields have a requirement of a degree but do not care what your major was. For instance if you wanted to be a pharmaceutical sales rep the only requirement is a Bachelor's Degree. Other fields require specific degrees. My recommendation is to take an interest inventory on-line (self-assessment) to see where your interests lie and examine career paths to fulfill those interests. You should then have some idea of the education required to reach your goal.