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Hi I am Harth Sree. Some Details about IIT Courses

Hi . Give me some details about IIT. IIT Courses, Ranking, Recognition, Value when compared to others, Placements, IIT in India engineer professor educator it mentoring

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2 answers

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Priyanka’s Answer

IIT is very competitive and at the same time can be a very valuable learning experience. You have options of doing B.Tech or integrated M.Tech, which is a 5 year course and many other courses. Do check out the links for various IIT.

No matter which IIT you go to , the professors everywhere are very experienced and extremely knowledgeable. So the branch you choose or the college you choose will not matter much. All that matters is your dedication during class and the value you get out of the experience.

I am including links to a few IITs, feel free to check them out:
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sreejith’s Answer

B.Tech, B.Pharm, 5-year B.Arch, Integrated M.Sc. and M.Tech courses.