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I want to be a lawyer, actress, dancer and a model. Is all of this possible at once?

I absolutely love law and acting, modelling and dancing. I really want to pursue all of these professions but I am not sure whether it’s possible for this many careers to keep a balanced life. #lawyers #fashion-and-style #dance #act #model

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5 answers

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Urooj’s Answer

Hi there! Great question. I love your ambition and your drive. You can absolutely do all these things while leading a balanced life. The key is identifying your priorities and when in life you want to accomplish these things. Each of these practices require time and commitment so of course it won't be easy. I'm currently working full time with my company, while working towards an MBA and managing an on-line AND real estate business. I prioritize my time by adhering to my schedule and planning ahead! The thing is, we make time for the things that matter to us. So if you want to accomplish all these things, be prepared to put in the time and the effort :)

Thank you so much for your advice! Really motivating me and I’ll keep it on account so I can identify priorities and everything. Thank you! Samira M.

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Atul’s Answer

If you are a lawyer - it is expected that you do research and at times you will spend 18 hours a day.

If you want to be an actor - it is expected that you show up at the studio and perform until the movie/show is over. This will be few weeks at a time.

If you want to become a dancer - you will have to practice a lot to become a good dancer.

If you want to be a model - you need to find someone who will promote you and it is challenging to find someone unless you have a connections.

Net-net: you can certainly can get fired at every job that listed above by doing all of them together or acquire mastery in one and pursue others on the side.

I am sure you have heard the expression “jack of all trades and master of none”.

Yes, thanks for your perspective. I’ll keep it in mind. Samira M.

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Rajiv’s Answer

Hi Samira,

It's good to have many interests. I think you can start with planning with what are your career aspirations and what are you interests/hobbies. You can also interchange as and when the opportunity arises. Make sure you have a balance between academic/professional interests versus hobbies. You never know when you come across other opportunities. It will require hard work and commitment if you want to pursue multiple interests. I have read how some actresses started out with academic qualifications and then moved into modelling before becoming top Bollywood actresses. It is possible to achieve all of these, but best to keep reality, and hope one day you can achieve all.


Thank you, I appreciate your advice! Samira M.

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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Samira!

You can do anything and everything that you are passionate about. It only seems out of reach because not many people pursue all their passions, and only end up focusing on what is bringing them money. You can be in law school and still make time to dance, model, and act in your free time. Prioritize what matters to you and you will see how it isn't as hard as it seems. How you spend your time is always in your hands, and having hobbies and passions that don't necessarily bring you money off the bat are important to stay human! If you are into social media, you can always start there by posting photos, videos of your dances, etc. It's one way to build exposure, but definitely not the only route. Above all, trust that you will be able to make things happen by investing in yourself.

I hope this helps :)


Thank you for making me see this is possible and for giving me ideas. It’s really helpful! Samira M.

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Catherine’s Answer

Hi Samira, it is definitely possible to be able to be all these things at once! You could consider picking one as a "main career" and having your other interests as hobbies you develop on the side. On the other hand, you could think about combing these into one career! For example, you could be an entertainment lawyer, an agent/representative for actresses, or work in a legal department for a modeling firm. If you're already interested in these industries, it will shine through when you talk about it in interviews! Think about ways you can combine your strengths and interests across these different activities and you'll be able to manage all of them while working professionally.