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Whats a really good school if you wanted to do Cosmetology

I wanna be a cosmetologist but i can't find a school that's near me or wheres a good place to start #career #money #career-path #makeup #beauty

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Stephenie’s Answer

Hello Melissa, I don't know where you location is. But I'm going to provide a link below and maybe you can find something near you in your state.


Good luck, I hope this helps.

thank you so much :) Melissa S.

Melissa, one of the best cosmetology schools around is The Salon Professional's Academy (TSPA). Like Ms. Lee, I am unsure of your location, but TSPA is located all over the country. This school will teach you all of the fundamentals of cosmetology while allowing you to sharpen your skill on walk-in and by appointment clients. This school is also great for the value. While there are bigger, more expensive schools to choose from, there are also many, smaller "fly-by-night" cosmetology schools. TSPA is a great mixture of professionalism and instruction and won't have you paying student loans until your 50's. I hope that you are still pursuing this line of work. My wife is a cosmetologist and makes great money WITHOUT the burden of paying booth rent in a salon. Good luck. Wayne M. Williams, CPRW

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