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If I were to only get an associates is psychology would their be any good paying jobs for me ?

i really want to go to school for #psychology or #social-work

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

Serenity an Associate's Degree in psychology can serve two purposes. The first is to earn credits that can be transferred towards a Bachelor's Degree in psychology. The second prepares students for entry-level positions assisting psychologists. Your associate's degree in general psychology gives students a foundational knowledge of psychology and an opportunity to study such topics as human development, personality theory and educational psychology. Graduates an associate's degree in psychology can pursue careers as mental health professionals who work with psychiatrists, psychologists, or social workers. Depending on the state, some additional licensure may be required.

Psychiatric technicians and aides do not study or treat psychological disorders, but they work closely with patients in mental health facilities who have various psychological issues and do not need prior work experience to do so. Psychiatric, or mental health, technicians observe patients' behavior, lead therapeutic activities, administer medications and assist patients in various ways, such as monitoring vital signs and helping them eat. Psychiatric aides also monitor patients' behavior, assist with group activities and daily living activities, transport patients and restrain patients as needed.

Community health workers also help members of the community maintain healthy lifestyles and address their health needs. They may provide some basic diagnostic procedures and medical care to individuals and work with vulnerable populations, such as low-income individuals and pregnant women. Individuals with training in developmental psychology could apply their skills in a community health setting to educate families about healthy child development, monitor child development, educate and diagnose developmental disorders, help those with developmental disorders access resources for treatment, and educate and assist the aging population in their community.

Police officers are typically employed by state and local agencies to enforce the law. They enforce traffic safety laws and investigate reports of crime within work jurisdictions. Police officers may also work in jails guarding inmates and may testify in court concerning cases in which they have been involved. With your associate's degree criminology, police science, public administration, social work, or criminal justice, undergraduates can obtain helpful knowledge and skills to apply to a career in law enforcement. A completed application needs to be submitted to the police department in the applicant's desired work location. After being accepted, applicants are placed into a pool of eligible candidates for future police officer openings. Depending on the hiring situation, applicants might be immediately moved into a training program. Alongside the application, prospective hopefuls must pass tests to become a police officer, including those involved with fitness, drug, and lie detectors; along with a civil service test that ensures that job candidates possess the qualities needed to be a professional in the field.

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Gabby’s Answer

Hi!!! John has answered your question perfectly. Another aspect you may want to think of is the amount that you want to get paid. I think technicians are great and you will always be able to go back to further your education later.

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