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I want to own and run a fashion line but I don't know what to do in college to do that. Please help.

I'm a junior from Lynn, MA. I'm graduating high school next year, and need some help on what to do fashion art majors college clothing

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4 answers

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Brittany’s Answer

I've included a link on overview of things to consider when developing your own line or business. Specifically for fashion - there are art and design degrees directly focused on fashion (think BA in Fashion Design): My recommendation would be to look into BAs in Fashion and Art Design as well as minors in accounting or business fields to give you a leg up in managing the financial and legal aspects of running a fashion business.,Schools%20of%20Art%20and%20Design.&text=Investigate%20the%20insurance%2C%20taxes%20and,starting%20your%20own%20fashion%20company.
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Kathy’s Answer

Hi Jayden

There are quite a few colleges with majors in fashion should start by looking into each of these schools to see if they would meet your needs. Just GOOGLE....colleges with majors in fashion design. I would strongly recommend that if you are certain this is the route you want to take in your career that you should attend a college with a focus in your specialty. When interviewing at these colleges ask them plenty of questions as to how they can help you reach your goals. I would also see if you could network with people in this field...find out how they got into the field of fashion. You could find people like that on LinkedIn or ask friends and relatives if they know people in that field. Networking is always a great way to learn about a particular field and meet people who can help you achieve your goals. Good luck!
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Harshita’s Answer

What I would suggest is to Start it. Even if you have slightest idea about what you want then launch it on social media. Rest you will learn through your journey.
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Simeon’s Answer

It sounds like you will need some business skills for that career, so I would recommend taking a few and possibly even a minor in a business field to help round out your degree. I'd also look on job boards for the kind of job you're considering and see if they mention any prerequisites that you could knock out during your time in college.