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PTIN question


If i have a PTIN that i received from the firm that i work at. I am able to use that same PTIN number for when i prepare tax returns on my behalf. With my owe business. #pro #help #taxhelp #accountant #cpa #asap #confused #taxreturns

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2 answers

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Tammy’s Answer

Hello, PTIN follows the person that it is registered for therefore ,yes, you can use even though you obtained via your firm.

Thank you Tammy that helps me a lot. I really appreciate the advice! Arturo G.

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Andrea’s Answer

If you still work at the accounting firm you need to consider the contract you signed - most do not allow items like tax preparation under a non-compete agreement.
If you are outside the firm and/or allowed to prepare returns for payment then yes, the PTIN travels with you. Just make sure the info on the IRS website is up to date and reflects the business you are filing returns under.

Thank you for the info! Arturo G.