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How extendable is the practice of Accounting in the real world, aside from bookkeeping?

Asked San Antonio, Texas

Where else, aside from the big four or an accounting department can I work with a degree in Accounting #accountant #banker #cpa #business

5 answers

Naimah’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Valerie,

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant from South Africa and a CPA licensed in New York. I have worked as an auditor and recently moved into Project Management Advisory within the Deals space.

I think the the knowledge and skill set gained by studying accounting is highly transferable into many businesses and industries based on the experience you gain in public accounting for example. You gain technical and soft skills that prepare you for a vast range of scenarios and situations. As someone who studies accounting and builds your foundation as a public accountant you learn to be adaptable, problem solve, manage yourself, time and others, analytical and so many more skills.

I have many friends who have stayed in the auditing space, many who have moved into various consulting roles and many who are in business ranging from asset managers to CFOs, even some in marketing.

A background in public accounting is highly valued and appreciated.

Min’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

With a degree in accounting, I worked as an auditor at one of the Big 4 companies and transitioned into financial services working in their investment operations function. Accounting gives you a good foundation of being able to analyze financial statements, and you can venture into various areas including corporate finance and financial reporting.

Jennifer’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

The options are endless! Accounting is the language of business so you will find that it is much easier for an Accountant to find opportunities in multiple business openings rather that the other way around. I myself wondered if I should major in business management or accounting in college. Accounting gives you the knowledge required to understand the BIG picture when talking to marketing, sales, project coordinators, etc.

I myself am a CPA at a big 4 accounting firm. While I know I followed the typical path of an accountant, I know colleagues who went to work at consulting firms, small businesses, charitable organizations. Everyone needs an accountant.

Jonathan’s Answer

Hi Valerie!

Accounting can lead to multiple path ways in the real work. You can do public accounting as an auditors, work as an accountant in a private firm, or work in the budgeting or forecasting process. I used to say that accounting was the language of business. If you can understand how the numbers work in the background, you can understand how the business is performing and what it's needs are. Accounting is critical and necessary at any organization. If you are thinking about getting into the profession, take a few classes and see if it's something you will like. The reality is that a lot of individuals end up in jobs outside of their degrees in college. Stay focused and motivated. Best of luck!

Adam’s Answer

Updated North Andover, Massachusetts

Having accounting knowledge and practice is an invaluable skill in the real world as there are many different ways you can apply it. For example balancing your checkbook or tracking your spending in a month can come from basic accounting concepts. Additionally, you can take some of the more intricate accounting practices for things such as investing to help increase your income.

Hope this helps!