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What are some of the essential things learned from the study of child developmental psychology?

Psychology is my set major I know I want going into college. Yet the aspect of child psychology is confusing on the courses that I will need to take, and I'm extremely curious. #psychology #child-development

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2 answers

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Scott’s Answer

Hi Desiree - I loved developmental psychology even though I don't really use it in my job. You learn a great deal about some of the things you see every day. Here are a few examples, why is a kids head so big? Why is peek-a-boo so interesting to little kids? How come kids are completely happy to sit next to each other and play and then one day the need to interact with each other during play? These are all normal developmental issues. It becomes more interesting when you start to study abnormalities and situations that can hinder that normal development.

In the end, I couldn't work with kids...I didn't want it to seem like a job to me. Now, I work in advertising and study psychology from a different angle. Pretty interesting stuff thought.

Good luck.


Thank you so much Scott this was extremely helpful. Desiree C.

Wow, this was helpful to me also. Alfie B.

Wow, this was helpful to me also. Alfie B.

I want to weave nutrition in child development. Is that ideal? Jazmine V.

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Meghan’s Answer

When I went to college for psychology I also took a special interest in child psychology.

I took developmental psychology courses. That area of psychology is where you will learn the most about child development. There are specific courses within developmental psychology that cover early childhood and infant stages or teen to young adult.

You infant to young adult you learn a lot about the physical and mental development of a child over time. There’s also a lot of sociology mixed in. You learn about how environment influences development. You learn about the family structure and how each individual impacts another. You can also learn some of this in classes under human and family studies. I took a course call marriage and family under the human and family studies school and that tied in very well with developmental psychology.

When you get into teen and young adult it still includes physical development but centers more around emotional development, gender, sexuality, love, marriage, career, family and more.

Developmental psychology covers all of the stages of development. This can a be a focus of yours and you can choose courses that tie in closer to children rather than teen or elderly development.

I hope this helps you!