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i am struggling to find an internship in biomedical technology, can i get help? thanks in advance

i have studied biomedical technology at the university of johannesburg but struggling to get an internship. i completed my course november 2020 . i am from Soweto and graduating this month which is march 2021 #internships

Your first stop should be your college Career Center. You should also check local hospital volunteer opportunities. It sometimes also is beneficial to speak to professors in your major. Good Luck! Christine Matthews

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2 answers

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Mauro’s Answer

Just keep applying. Perseverance is the test here.

I got into my career in HR without an internship but the amount of time i had to do in applying felt like forever. I had to basically apply minimum of 15 applications a day for 3 months to land on my career.

Your also in a tough market right now due to the pandemic but dont let that stop you from applying still.

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Dina’s Answer

A great resource for finding internships is the local, regional and/or national associations aligned to Biomedical Technology. Prospective employers, programs and institutions often advertise their internship opportunities on their websites or publications. Also tap into your network. Hopefully by this point you've met some established professionals in your chosen field that can point you in the right direction.

Keep searching and keep applying. Agree with Mauro, perseverance is key!