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Daija C. Jan 18, 2018 420 views

Is it possible to make a career out of foreign language study?

I'm asking outside of the typical Interpreter or Translator careers. I love foreign language but I'm not sure if these are there right paths for me. Thanks! #foreign-languages #language...


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Valerie M. Feb 23 90 views

What career should I do in the fashion industry if I want to do a fashion line but I'm not a designer?

I want to have my own fashion line and influence fashion and be very known. I want to make it to the top of the industry. But, I'm not a designer. I'm not interested in designing, but how do I have my own fashion line without being a designer for it? And if possible any high school classes or...

#apparel-and-fashion #artist #designer #apparel #fashion-shows #help #styling #merchandising #fashion-design #fashion

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Jerry O. Feb 24 67 views
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lily L. Feb 25 79 views

What are some colleges that is good for anyone who wants to major in psychology?

I am a sophomore in high-school that wants to major in psychology, but I don't know what college to go to for that major. #major...


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Katherine D. Feb 25 77 views

What does it take to have a career in psychology?

I am a Junior in high school and am passionate about working with psychology and helping people. I would love to learn about how much energy it takes to follow through with this type of career. Thanks! #careers #psychology...


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Christian E. Feb 25 83 views

what kind type of jobs should i look forward to when looking at business and sports industry

i am a junior in high school and am very passionate in sports. am looking for a career around this field. #careers #high-school...


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Doreen L. Feb 26 71 views

Many people ask me “if um a model” and I want to be a model but I don’t know where to start . I also want another job besides modeling for example traveling agent or anything that will suit my modeling career .

Um a well manned girl . Who like sharing with those who do not have and my wish is to build a special home for all those who are homeless....


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Ivan N. Feb 27 40 views

civil engineering

idk sorry po. huhu...


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Quintin C. Mar 02 100 views

What is it like to be in the Information Technology business

Greetings , my name is Quintin. I am in the 11th grade and i was wondering if some of you can maybe help me by answering a few questions. I want to get into the IT part of the business world. As of the moment I don't have a lot of IT knowledge but I'm very fond of the idea . I do however,...


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udhaya K. Mar 03 66 views

give me some tips to create a resume

#general give me some tips to create a...

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m C. Mar 03 91 views

How can I find my purpose?

I am a 1st college, I enter this course that I really don't know, because in my life I'm very confuse on what things I'm good at, what I like to do stuffs like that. And now I'm struggling because I don't know what to do in my life, like I even don't know what's my dream. It's just that my goal...