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Mauro Blardony

Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Mickee Apr 01, 2021 502 views

What job can I do or what kind of business can I start as a student?

I'm Mickee and I am 20 years old. I'm in 1st year of college under the course of Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering. I wanna earn some of my own money to help my parent financially. I am fluent in English and I know my ways in technology. I am also computer literate.
#jobs #help #salary #job

Nicolas’s Avatar
Nicolas Apr 01, 2021 583 views

Have you been on the airplane?

I like roller coasters. I like to listen some music. #music

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Taryn Apr 01, 2021 609 views

What is the salary for a Subway worker?

I am curious to what the Salary for a Subway worker is? Is it a normal $15 per hour thing or do they pay more than that? #food #salary

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Jonathon Mar 18, 2021 427 views

What classes did you like.

I am in middle school.

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Hailey Mar 30, 2021 748 views

What's a positive you've gotten out of the pandemic?

I am in college at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. I play college basketball so that's a great outlet, but as a social person this pandemic has been extremely hard for me. #isolated

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Kwazi Mar 30, 2021 573 views

What relevant documents are required?

I have a larger than life personality.I enjoy interacting with people.I work best under pressure as it's where I thrive best.I always have willingness to learn new I have the ability to adapt quickly to new a environment. #company

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Mar 30, 2021 452 views

How to thrive your business using online marketing?


Ella’s Avatar
Ella Mar 30, 2021 445 views

How did you say that your business are more successful?


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marshaun Mar 24, 2021 533 views

Mr. tell us your biggest flx

#nfl im a football player who is going to college for free

Ron’s Avatar
Ron Mar 25, 2021 539 views

Any advices? about agribusiness course, cause im a freshmen.

I am now currently struggling in Accounting 1 and I'm having a lack of motivation :'< #agribusiness #agriculture #motivation

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Mar 17, 2021 753 views

What is being a travel nurse like?

I want to know how you even get into it and what the places and environment are like that you go to. #travelnurse

Ramon’s Avatar
Ramon Mar 23, 2021 644 views

How should I go about becoming a streamer.

My name is Ramon Coleman i'am 17 and I want to be a professional streamer. #professionals #general

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Mar 18, 2021 610 views

how should i start my marketing career.

#careers #career-choice #career #business

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Akshat Mar 21, 2021 683 views

What may be the most promising and consistent career in the next 5 years?

#careers #future #career-choice #guidance-counselor

Evelynn’s Avatar
Evelynn Mar 18, 2021 435 views

is it better to work in or out of state?

#art #career #suggestion