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Jobs with business management

Asked New Haven, Connecticut

I will be majoring in Business when I attend college in the fall of 2014. I wanted to know what common jobs can a student receive after college with a business degree, and what is the average salary. #business

5 answers

Sean’s Answer

Updated North Augusta, South Carolina

As a new grad, no matter what field, the position will be slightly "entry level". And what job you will get will depend on what your area of interest is. If you are interested in sales, marketing, then you would find an entry level job focusing on that. If you have an interest in accounting/finance and get a minor in that, then you'd try and find an entry level job in that respective field. There are some great companies out there who look for stellar new grad candidates, mine being one.

My suggestion would be before even graduating, try to set yourself up for success while in college. Try to apply for internships and extracurricular activities/studies that will enhance your experience so when you enter the work force, you have some experience/skill set to bring to the table and set yourself apart from other candidates. Then just gain some experience those first few years post college and think ahead to where you can/want to go. I did a few jobs out of college that were not the most fun, but I gained some strong experience and it later came back to help me out years later.

As for wages, don't expect to come out of school making a ton. Those are the tough years where you have to think about gaining experience more than "title" and "wage". As for how much you could make, it completely depends on where you live, the industry, and company.

Monty’s Answer

Updated Westborough, Massachusetts

You will be qualified as entry level business but that does not really matter. You should look hard at what industries interest you, entertainment, sports, bio-tech etc. Finding a role in a sector you care about is key to having a great career.

Once you pick the sector take some time to understand how it makes money - whom is selling what to who for how much? With this information you can present yourself as more valuable than your classmates who generally show up looking for a job anywhere.

Be interested in what your company does and how it all fits together and you will quickly move out of the lower ranks. This seems obvious but you would be amazed how many young graduates show up to do only what they are told to do.

Aimee’s Answer

Updated Omaha, Nebraska

A business degree can be used in just about any field. I would recommend applying for entry level positions in areas that peak your interests. Internships will greatly help you in building your work experience and in meeting those key players that could assist you in finding employment down the road.

Kristie’s Answer

Updated Omaha, Nebraska

Plan for entry level. I highly recommend not waiting until you graduate to get a job or at least an internship. A business degree can bring you in many directions. Figure out what you want to be doing, what type of company you want to work for and what really interests you. Your job, career and salary will all be based on the effort you put in and not the degree itself.

Susan’s Answer

Updated Ardmore, Pennsylvania

I would focus your energy a lot more on what you want to do every day and building out a set of experiences while you are in school to differentiate you from other graduates in the future. This will help direct your career interests as well as provide you with a rich set of experiences to guide your future. I suggest you pursue internships, work part-time in a business setting and interview professionals from many different industries to gain insights about different careers. Your alumni network is a great place to start. Entry level salaries are just one of a myriad of considerations when determining what type of a job, industry and career you want to pursue. Spend time on the rest, as your love for what you do everyday will play a big part in your long-term success!