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Daria Sep 26, 2014 2227 views

What software do you need to create a game?

For my blog and personal reference #gaming #video-game-design #game-design

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Yves Aug 01, 2014 2349 views

what faculty do i have to follow to become a good programmer?

Hello everybody i have confusion about three faculty . That are computer science;
computer science and engineering ; and information technology. I need you to advise me which one i may follow to become a good programmer. #students #engineering #professors #programmer

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Aria Aug 12, 2014 1521 views

I'm a computer programming student with a heart for web design. Is there a big demand for web designers out in the real world?

I love creating something with the lines of code. It's almost like creating a digital poem that's going to mean something one day. I love web design. It's what I want to do with my life. #computer-programming

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Yash Jul 27, 2014 2175 views

I want to join computer industry as a programmer . Is it necessary for me to have skills for more than one programming language to be a successful professional ?

by skills I mean the the complete in and out of the language . Because currently I am learning complete C(including the hardware interaction part) and I feel like if other languages are going to be this deep than it would take me my whole life to learn them . #computer #software #programming...

CV JAIL SON’s Avatar
CV JAIL SON Jan 06, 2012 2129 views

How hard is it to study video game designing and CIA.

Video game designing is my hobby but I want my primary job to be CIA.
Can I do both?
#game #cia

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Robert Jul 18, 2014 1814 views

Do I need to memorize geometry and calculus for tech jobs?

Hi I'm a high school student in sactown and I need to decide what to do about my math classes. I asked a question here before about whether you use math in your job in tech and got alot of really helpful advice. Thank you for everyone who answered my question. Now I want to ask more...

Jonya’s Avatar
Jonya Jul 18, 2014 4044 views

How can I stand out for programming jobs straight from high school?

When I graduate high school I'm going to go to college but I also want to try to get some summer or after school jobs to help pay for school. What can I do to stand out for the competition? For example does it matter if I do a team sport or other things or are my grades and programming...

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Tubyez Mar 26, 2014 1613 views

Jobs with business management

I will be majoring in Business when I attend college in the fall of 2014. I wanted to know what common jobs can a student receive after college with a business degree, and what is the average salary. #business

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Logan Mar 05, 2014 3067 views

What are the different occupations within the gaming industry?

I have been playing games since I was at least six years old. I love games, and I hope I can have a future in it. Unfortunately, I do not know what role I want to play and it is getting on my nerves. #games #computer-gaming

SAURABH’s Avatar
SAURABH Jun 28, 2014 1066 views

Guys...i gave my 12th this year (2014) and i wanna go for Software Engineering, actually m not getting that should i go for B.E in Comp Eng or B.E in IT ???? By taking which course ( Comp eng or IT) i will b called as a Perfect Software guy..??

m asking this question coz m not getting in which one...Software content is more. #computer-engineering #information-technology

Vincent ’s Avatar
Vincent Mar 17, 2014 1764 views

What careers would be best for me?

Hi I'm a sohpmore in highschool. College and the Cahsee is very close. Based on my interests what careers should I take? (Gaming. Computers. Psychology.) #psychology #online-gaming