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How much does being decent at a sport affect college admissions?

I'm a decent runner, not the best on my team or in the area, but in the top percents. Could this help me significantly, or is it more dependent of academic ability? And this is for just getting in, not scholarships. #college #sports #college-admissions #high-school

Hi Quinton, Well, as you may already know, extracurricular activities in high school are very important. Same in college, if you're excellent academically, sports and other extracurricular activities are also significant. Why? because it demonstrates that you can multi-task (be involved in many activities including your studies) with zero difficulties. I played volleyball during high school and was elected captain for junior and senior year. Practicing in sports is great, for school purposes as well as for yourself (mentally and physically). So, yes it does affect college admissions because colleges do focus on extracurricular activities. make sure your let them know (activities inside and outside of school) on your resume. Good Luck! keep me posted. Sandra M.

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2 answers

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Eula’s Answer

It affects a lot.

it means that you are honorable and respect rules. You are one that will play fair and focus on the game, while maintaining a character that is noteworthy and upright.

Those who play dirty, eventually loose. Have you heard of a certain olympic team, who may not be allowed to play?
The dishonor is too great, It is better to get accustomed to good rules of order now, and be held in high esteem in everything you do later when the penalties are not just sitting on a bench for cheating.
It puts you ahead of the bunch who cannot conduct themselves in a fair and honorable manner.
Eventually those who play fair are trusted and seen in high regards.

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Rashaad’s Answer

Being admitted into college takes in a lot of factors that being said the fact that you play sports can indeed help. It shows potential colleges that you've taken time outside of school to participate in extra curricular activities. Not to mention that while playing a sport it requires discipline, attention to detail, and a desire to get better which are all traits that are valued in a person.

Obviously your grades still play a huge part in your admission but extra curricular activities such as sports definitely help your case.