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Is the job as architect fun? And how long does it take?

#fun #architect This is for a school project and I'm curious!

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2 answers

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Dennis’s Answer

Hey there, great question. I'll go in reverse. Usually in the United States it takes between 5-6 years to become an architect. Either by earning a B. Arch (Bachelors of Architecture) or an M. Arch (Masters of Architecture). One of these two degrees is required for you to be able to sit for your licensing exam (ARE) Architect Registration Examination. This is the exam you must pass in order to become a licensed architect. You can still work in the field of architecture without a license. But, you will not be able to submit your drawings to a building department with a license of your own. If you work in a large company you might use a principal's or partner's license when issuing drawings to a building department for review instead.

I think being an architect is fun, but it is also a lot of work.
The best part about being an architect is that you have the opportunity to work on so many different types of buildings (projects) and some of these projects can be very quick like a month or two, and some projects can take years to complete. You can design a huge skyscrapper, or and airport....or maybe a new restaurant or someone's dream home. Being an architect means wearing a lot of hats, some days you're the designer, some days you're the administrator, some days you do nothing but read through code books to make sure your designs are designed properly. Some days you'll get to pick out colors and patterns. But all of these pieces are part of the job of being an architect.
Hopefully this helps you a little and I'm adding a few links below to help you explore being an architect even more.

Best of luck!

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JUDY’s Answer

For me, architecture job is not so fun when you drawing the similar project. However, when you conceive a concept, you really feel it's funny and creative. The different projects based on the scales and functions will cost various energy and last from several weeks to several years.