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Is it worth going to college for 7 years to become a lawyer

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2 answers

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Desiree’s Answer

It was for me! But everyone's experience is unique.

Some people go to law school to sharpen their business skills and go on to be CEOs and entrepreneurs. Others go to law school to learn how to shape policy and have a career in politics. Many, like me, go to law school intending to practice law - at a law firm, in a company, in the government, etc. The answer to your question should probably take into account whether someone attended law school to become a practicing attorney, or if they used it to take their career another exciting direction.

Also, I really enjoyed my undergraduate education (a BS, in Biology & Marine Science). So those 4 years - while academically challenging - were engaging and meaningful. Plus, I participated in other campus activities (I was an NCAA athlete, captain of my university swim team). To be honest, I never thought about attending law school those first 4 years.

After I graduated with my BS, I worked for a while as an environmental consultant. Eventually, I decided to go to law school, with the specific intent to practice environmental law - which I did. And I loved it! With time, my practice morphed from environmental law into other areas of compliance, including anti-bribery/anti-corruption law. With that expertise, I worked overseas for several years. Those were wonderful years, both professionally and personally.

Honestly, I never would have expected in High School ,or even as an undergrad, that my BS would lead to a JD (aka "law degree"). I never considered it "7 years" in college. I took it one step at a time and tried to make the most of every opportunity the university education provided me. Also, I took off time between undergrad and law school to work. That broke up the years of schooling and allowed me to be sure I wanted to invest - the time and the money - in law school.

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Research on-line if law school is worth it (there are TONS of articles).
Consider this article from the American Bar Association: "Should you go to law school"
Don't worry about making a 7 year commitment: start with getting your undergrad degree (if that's your goal!), then reassess whether or not you're ready for law school
If you make the most of your undergrad, you might find other career paths that interest you, besides (or in addition to) the law: be open as you learn more about the world.
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Chris’s Answer

There so many variables and people with different personalities to give a definite answer to this question.

If this is a career you know you want to do, it will definitely payoff income-wise. Just make sure you really want to do it before you commit several more years beyond undergrad for a law degree. Get more direct experience working in law firms and interning/shadowing to make sure you really love it. I've seen people devote a lot of money and years to medical/law school just to end up not enjoying and switching careers.