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What are the essential skills you need to possess when on the search for a job/career. How would I develop and practice these skills as a high school student?

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Many have started their job/career lives during high school, whether it be a summer job or necessary part-time work during the school year. Many high school students have also gone out to look for a job, but have come back without a single "You're hired!". I would like to know if there are certain skills that would help you knock out that interview or keep an employer interested in you. Of course certain skills aren't easily obtained and will unfold through practice and use. How would I be able to gain these skills as a high school student? #high-school #hiring #student-counseling #interviewing-skills #student-development #communication-skills

4 answers

Jennifer’s Answer


Confidence in talking with others about topics you understand and those you don't fully understand. Admit it when you don't know all the facts. Get curious about a different point of view than your own and consider that you could be wrong! Consider how their background influence their position and what they might know that you don't. You could practice this in class and with friends.

A genuine interest in others and what is important to them. This goes a long way to building relationships with team mates and clients.

Respect and professionalism. Care about how others perceive you - earn their respect. Show others that you respect them - their time, ideas, and work/interests.

Jennifer - Your answer is great. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with Karen! At this moment there are more than 1k unanswered questions so I want to encourage you to keep going! So many students will benefit tremendously from hearing from you. Keep up the great work!

Daniela’s Answer


Hi Karen,

This is a very interesting question...

Examples of ways to develop employability skills:

  • WRITING skills

Writing up a project or dissertation Writing for the student newspaper Writing a report for a course placement Essays, dissertations, project reports Secretary of student society Publicity materials for a charity Letter to raise sponsorship for an event

  • SPEAKING skills

Joining a campus drama group. Public speaking or debating Seminars Working as a receptionist in a vacation job Market research, telesales, bar work Showing 6th formers round campus Course presentations Student radio presenter


Year abroad or independent travel abroad Working part-time while studying Changing courses Combining study with family Shift work or working at short notice

  • CO-OPERATING skills

Working on a group project Rag fund-raising Team sports Working as a clerical assistant in a busy office Group project Duke of Edinburgh's Award Team sports Playing in an orchestra or band

  • LEADERSHIP skills

Leading a group project Chairing a student society Captaining a sports team Being a playscheme helper Guide leader Air training corps Course or hall representative Mentor in school

  • NEGOTIATING skills

Negotiating the rent with your landlord Negotiating the late handing in of essays Staff-student liaison committee Resolving an argument between friends


Deciding which modules to take next year College Welfare Representative Buying an expensive item (car or computer) Targeting appropriate customers in a sales job

In the following link you can find much more examples of skills and how to develop them:


I hope can help you. Best!

Lorraine’s Answer


Role play with friends. If any of your friend's parents or older siblings are in a hiring position, maybe they can do mock interviews. Tryouts for sports or plays help also.

Kristen’s Answer

Making connections and networking are very important! If your school has career fairs, try to see who's attending ahead of time and come up with thoughtful questions to ask. Ask for business cards. Send follow-up thank you emails! It's very impressive when people do this at a young age and in a year or two, when you're looking for internships, people will remember that.