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Psychology Requirements

What are the requirements for a psychology major? #psychology #psychiatry #psychometrics

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It varies by school, but there's a generally a certain number of required classes, plus requirements for specific types of classes, such as: -One or more statistics classes -A class about research design -A lab class (i.e., working in a lab for course credit) -Distribution requirements (for example, you can't take all of your classes in clinical psychology; you need to take one in abnormal, or social, or developmental psychology, etc.)

Again, these vary by school, and some schools may have more, fewer, or just different requirements. Some schools also require you to write a senior thesis in order to graduate with honors, but that's a slightly different type of requirement.

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Depends on the university system. Usually there are course requirements on basic aspects of behavior, brain functioning, abnormal behavior, social behavior, statistics (to help do research experiments). Also may include courses on development and aging and the growth process. Many electives could be in the areas of language and linguistics, philosophy, neurology and biology.

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