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Answer to: Does the intern experience at a large company fundamentally differ when done during a non-traditional season such as the fall or winter?

It depends on the nature of the business and the internship learning objectives. For example, if it is an accounting firm and it is tax season there may be a large volume of tax return transactions and prep. During a different time of year at the same firm there would be different opportunities...

Answer to: What would I need to study to become a criminal psychologist?

The short answer is that the order does not matter. You will eventually need to study BOTH areas: behavioral psychology as well as criminal justice. The order of study is less important than obtaining the overall knowledge base over time. You should try to obtain some internship experiences...

Answer to: whats the best part about having a career in the psychology field?

The best part is that you will gain an understanding of human behavior and can apply that understanding to help others. You will learn how to listen well and expertly and this is a skill that will serve you well in any aspect of...

Answer to: What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist in terms of what they are able to do in their field and the degrees they need to earn before they can practice?

A psychiatrist first goes to medical school and then completes a residency that specializes in behavioral and psychiatric issues, including drug and other therapies. Psychologists usually obtain a Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) and usually do not attend medical school. There are special...

Answer to: What is an appropriate career path for someone interested in both Psychological research and counseling/other therapeutic responsibilities?

You could work in a setting such as a clinic, hospital or even private practice providing counseling and have an affiliation with researchers who are doing studies on psychological and/or behavioral issues. The research could be related to the counseling (for example, measuring the...

Answer to: What type of jobs can a person who is majoring in Art Therapy in college?

Art therapists work in a variety of settings including hospitals, counseling clinics, schools, and private practice. The specific job will depend on the level of training and expertise. The basic job involves using art to elicit feelings and emotions that can then be explored to reach...

Answer to: Grad School

Depends on the school, the subject and the time required. Here is one example: An MBA can cost about $75,000 - $100,000 depending on the school. Let's say it is $100,000 and you go full time for two years and give up your current job that pays $100,000. So, you have paid out $100,000 and...

Answer to: Psychology Career Path

Many psychologists work in business. They can be in charge of the human resource function (this is what I ended up doing.) They can also do research on consumer behavior or work in pricing and marketing. One of the most famous psychologists in recent years is named Daniel Kahneman. He...

Answer to: Psychology Requirements

Depends on the university system. Usually there are course requirements on basic aspects of behavior, brain functioning, abnormal behavior, social behavior, statistics (to help do research experiments). Also may include courses on development and aging and the growth process. Many electives...

Answer to: Psychology and Philosophy Compensation

This is an interesting question! Philosophers who are actually working in their trained field are most often college professors and the pay will be in accord with their university. It can go from under $100,000 to above $200,000 if they are "star" professors and write books, etc....

Answer to: Psycology Compensation

Pay for psychologists vary widely. A Ph.D. clinical psychologist working in a Veterans Hospital can earn $100,000 per year. In a private practice, the earnings can vary from $100 per hour up to $300 per hour depending on the clientele and the location. A professor at a university working in...

Answer to: Psychology Skill set

Psychologists are employed in many organizations. Their skills are used to better understand human behavior. In schools they help students diagnose problems or improve their learning strategies. In businesses they help companies understand consumer behavior or other aspects related to...

Answer to: Day In the Life a psychology major

It depends on what specific path you follow. A Ph.D in psychology might end up being a counselor and seeing clients every day helping them cope or adjust their behaviors. Another path might be as a researcher in a university or school setting. You might work in a business setting helping a...

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