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Parker Dec 06, 2016 1246 views

Does the intern experience at a large company fundamentally differ when done during a non-traditional season such as the fall or winter?

- To what degree does timing affect experience as an intern? - What are the pros and cons of working with larger groups of interns/peers during more traditional periods such as the summer? - What are the pros and cons of working with a company as either 1) the only intern or 2) a member of a...

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Kiana Nov 21, 2014 1380 views

What would I need to study to become a criminal psychologist?

I would like to become a criminal psychologist one day. I'm often told many different things about what schooling I would need. Some say that I would need to study criminal justice and psychology simultaneously, and others say that I'm supposed to study psychology first and get a degree in that...

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Leslie Apr 08, 2014 1219 views

whats the best part about having a career in the psychology field?

I want to be convinced. #psychology

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Anaidys Apr 08, 2014 1088 views

What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist in terms of what they are able to do in their field and the degrees they need to earn before they can practice?

I'm a junior in high school genuinely interested in the study of the mind and helping people, specifically children. I just can't really wrap my mind around what's the difference between these two titles. #psychology #psychiatry #children

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Apr 08, 2014 1148 views

What is an appropriate career path for someone interested in both Psychological research and counseling/other therapeutic responsibilities?

I have always been interested by the motives behind our actions. It is fascinating to be able to dive into what makes us tick. Through Psychological research I hope to help those around me who must face life's many obstacles and ultimately make new connections with people I would have never met...

Rianne’s Avatar
Rianne Apr 07, 2014 1857 views

What type of jobs can a person who is majoring in Art Therapy in college?

I am in my junior year of high school and I want a realistic point of view of the types of jobs I can get after college and deciding if I should still major in Art Therapy? #psychology #art #therapy #arttherapy

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Gregory Mar 28, 2014 1839 views

Grad School

How much will grad school cost? #psychology #philosophy #creative-writing

Gregory’s Avatar
Gregory Mar 28, 2014 2199 views

Psychology Career Path

What are the not usually known career paths for psychology? #psychology #clinical-psychology

Gregory’s Avatar
Gregory Mar 28, 2014 1204 views

Psychology Requirements

What are the requirements for a psychology major? #psychology #psychiatry #psychometrics

Gregory’s Avatar
Gregory Mar 28, 2014 1462 views

Psychology and Philosophy Compensation

What is the difference in pay between a psychologist and a philosopher? #psychology #counseling #philosophy #psychotherapy

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Gregory Mar 28, 2014 1316 views

Psycology Compensation

How much can neuroscience and psychology major related jobs pay? #psychology #clinical-psychology #neuroscience #neurology

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Gregory Mar 28, 2014 1166 views

Psychology Skill set

I want to know about how the skills and topics learned in psychology major can prepare you for other careers and types of work environments such as businesses, schools, offices, and private institutions even crime. #psychology #clinical-psychology #psychometrics

Gregory’s Avatar
Gregory Mar 28, 2014 1549 views

Day In the Life a psychology major

What is the day in the life of a psychology major required occupation? I am interested in studying the brain and human behavior in order to benefit the world and my understanding of it and how I think and why, but I want to know more about how a day is like in these professions first from...