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Day In the Life a psychology major

Asked Ashburn, Virginia

What is the day in the life of a psychology major required occupation? I am interested in studying the brain and human behavior in order to benefit the world and my understanding of it and how I think and why, but I want to know more about how a day is like in these professions first from someone who has been doing it. #psychology #psychiatry #psychotherapy #psychometrics

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Steven’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California

It depends on what specific path you follow. A Ph.D in psychology might end up being a counselor and seeing clients every day helping them cope or adjust their behaviors. Another path might be as a researcher in a university or school setting. You might work in a business setting helping a company understand consumer behavior. There are many subspecialties in psychology. Many psychologists work in school settings helping students improve their learning strategies. Take a look at the American Psychology Association (APA) website and there you can read in more depth about all these subspecialties. it is a wonderful profession and chaining al the time.Good luck!!

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