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What qualifies one sports broadcaster as being more reliable than another?

This question would be helpful in organizing a stable career path and resume to assist in solidifying a good job out of college. #career #college-major #broadcast-media #sports-marketing #experience-design

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3 answers

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Caleb Reid’s Answer


If I'm understanding your question correctly, you're asking what makes a sports broadcaster more credible than another? There's three key things that come to my mind that make a broadcaster credible:

1) Sports knowledge/experiences
2) Credible sources
3) Being objective

Hope this helps!

Thanks! The "being objective" quality caught me by surprise, I almost forgot how important that is. Annalie B.

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Charles’s Answer

I would add to Caleb's post integrity as a journalist. Are you going to take the easy way? Color the facts when the truth is otherwise? Sell yourself out to some outside interest? Or are you going to report the truth?

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Alireza’s Answer

Accurate knowledge of the sports and their beyands. Those who just rant don't make a good reporter. Those who love their job and care about audience always remain successful.