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Can teenagers and high school students get scholarships for acting universities????

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2 answers

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Racheal’s Answer

YES. There are several Universities that offer scholarships.
Austin College of Theatre Scholarship
GRCF Grand Rapids Combined Theatre Scholarship
Hope College Distinguished Artist Award - Theatre, Dance or Visual Arts
Iowa Scholarship for the Arts.

You can also check out and go to acting Scholarship.

I have 7 years of performing arts training. Don't give up on yourself, keep practicing and never stop no matter know many mistakes you make.
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Alison’s Answer

Hi Catherine! Yes teenagers and high school students can get scholarships to acting universities. I know of a few in the United States as I went to school for a theatrical design and technology bachelors degree. I don't know much about acting universities in India if that is where you are looking, are you looking there or elsewhere? I'm game to help point you in the right direction if you need it as I am pretty good at navigating what looks like a good program/university of not and same with searching for scholarships.