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What is the best law career

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4 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Short answer Monalisa! . . . the one you are happy doing is the best one! What's great about law is there are many areas of specialization. Naming just a few: There is civil litigation, criminal defense, contract law, maritime law, international law, family law. . .

On top of that, there are many different positions: Besides lawyers, there are paralegals that do a lot of the work. Some of them specialize in intake, some in discovery, some in litigation support, some in the law library. There are also companies that specialize in litigation support - they gather documents (tax records, school records, etc), create videos, etc.

Law offers something for everyone - the key is in finding the right fit for YOU! If you'd rather be buried in research than testifying in court, there are positions for that.

So, what aspect of law currently interests you, if we may ask?

I love your answer. Right now Im interested in finance law Monalisa T.

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Jonathan’s Answer

I never wanted to go out on my own. I wanted to be a big firm partner. However, if you are willing to give on things such as prestige, there are so many opportunities out there. You get define your career more. You don't have to be a pure lawyer. You captain your own ship. It is much rewarding than working 70+ weeks for someone who is telling what kind of lawyer to be and what kind of person or life you will live. Once you are an associate and you see how it is to just break, then make, then see what you are making you'll think twice. My parents told me to go out on my own when I left law school and I had a 6 figure job with a top NYC. Now I realize what they were saying. Being a pure lawyer was only going to work for me if I was a big firm equity partner or law professor. This is way more rewarding and exciting.

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Tania N.’s Answer

Start with identifying what you’re interested in and what your natural talents and gifts are. You can be any type on f lawyer you want! Money isn’t everything but it is something to consider. I’ve been an attorney at a non-profit organization, representing clients who otherwise cannot afford representation in housing, public benefits and domestic violence cases. I’ve also represented corporations in financial investigations and healthcare compliance cases. All based on my interest and my natural skills. You can also open your own law office - you will have to pay for everything to get set up, maintain the office, pay staff, etc., but you also get to manage your own schedule and the profits come to you. Corporate Law pays more, non-profit law is more personally satisfying for me. You can always do corporate law and also do Pro Bono cases to feed both your pocket and your soul!

Tania N. recommends the following next steps:

If you are not sure what your gifts and skills are, maybe talk to the adults around you, in your family, or a school counselor to help you talk through it.

This is very helpfull. Monalisa T.

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Mark’s Answer


A big part of this answer depends on what you like doing. There are many options in this field!! Tax Attorneys, Trial Lawyers, Real Estate Attorneys... If you're thinking in terms of $$ then trial lawyers are among the highest paid legal professionals in the world. You could strive to be a Judge or a Law School Professor, the list goes on. I know many people who own a company who studied law. I have a cousin who studied law, became an attorney then moved to recruiting. For the last 15 years he has been an attorney recruiter and loves it!!

Hope this helps!!

this is so inspiring . Im going to research a trail lawyer Thanks much Monalisa T.