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Renne S. Jan 11, 2018 592 views

What should I do in order to work with the FBI? #FBI

I am really interested in becoming a special agent and would like to know how one becomes one. I am wondering how many years of college I should do and I am wondering where I should go. I am willing to go out of California, but have no idea if the FBI looks at the state your college is in....

#police-and-law-enforcement #fbi #law-enforcement #investigations

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Madison P. Jan 20, 2018 881 views

What is the best course of action through college (majors and internships) for someone interested in becoming a lobbyist for agriculture?

I am interested in becoming a lobbyist, specifically for agriculture. I am currently a business: marketing major. I was wondering if this is a good track to remain on or if I need to go into something along the lines of Political Science. I am aware that I will also have to go back for my...

#agriculture #lobbyist

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Joshua S. Apr 04, 2018 624 views
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jair C. Apr 17, 2019 182 views
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Caitlin H. May 17, 2019 142 views

How do you become a civil/public defender?

When you want to specifically work as a state-appointed attorney are there any crucial differences between that path and becoming a firm lawyer? #lawyer #attorney...


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Bianca V. May 28, 2019 193 views
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jennie S. Dec 07, 2019 239 views

What do you have to do to become a law clerk?

do i have to get a JD? How long will it take? #law-school...


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Mya K. Dec 11, 2019 418 views

A question about the length of schooling to become a lawyer

How long does it take to get a law degree? #law #lawyer #law-school...


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Andrew B. May 13, 2020 261 views

How to find vacancies in Teacher Training assistance?

Musician and Performer, professional of over 30 years. #music #teacher #teaching...


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Justin L. Jun 06, 2020 213 views

Advice for 1L online law student?

I’m a 30 year old married to a 28yr old. I’m about to start online law school and am seeking advice on passing the baby bar, as well as, general advice being a law student and passing the bar exam. Theirs a ton of advice on google but would love to hear from personal experiences. I also work...

#law #lawyer #college #job #law-school

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Nino K. Jun 08, 2020 257 views

Can I become a barrister/solicitor with criminology degree?

I studied Access to Higher Education Diploma in Law, then I went to university and started studying Criminology which I am not enjoying as much as I enjoyed studying law. my question here is if I should start studying law from year 1, which would mean that I have to restart and waste £18 000 or...

#criminologydegree #criminology #law #barrister #lawyer #lawdegree