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In sports media, how long do you usually work in a day or week, and is there a lot of outside work that you have to do?

I am an 11th grader, from St. Louis, MO and I play RBI Softball. When I was traveling with the team we had the chance to talk to some of the head of some of the baseball stadium's departments. I talked to one of them afterwards and I was blessed with the opportunity to get a tour of the stadium's WHOLE media center, including the journalism, broadcasting, and international parts, during a game. When I was in the media part I was fascinated by all of the people and all of the screens in there and how everybody had to work as a team. So, I wanted to know how long is a typical day, and is outside practice needed to help keep their skills enhance (work/practice at home)? #sports #entertainment #sports-media

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Andrew’s Answer

The length of a day in sports media depends on which job(s) you do. Most days vary depending on which sports you're working around as well. If you're a journalist covering games, you might spend time researching and writing before a game, cover a game as it happens, then summarize it as best you can for your audience afterward. Journalists may also do writing and research at home, as well as look at what others in their field are doing. Days can be short or long depending on what you cover.

If you're a camera person that is shooting a game, you'll show up a few hours before the game to test your equipment and shoot footage of practices or interviews of players. Then you'll shoot the actual game. After the game ends, you'll put your equipment away and either go home or prepare to travel to the next game, resulting in a day that can last 10 hours or longer if a game goes into overtime.

The term, "Sports Media" encompasses a really wide range of jobs that can take place any hours on any days, so if you have questions about any specific jobs, feel free to post them.