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What is the best path to take if I want to be a sports agent?

Interested in both a career in finance and as a sports agent. Thinking I should go on a Business track as it's easier to switch over that way rather then the other way around. Thoughts? college-major sports sports-agent career-path-planning

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2 answers

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Pamela’s Answer

Research the best sports agent and then try to interview them and ask them for advice. If you can't reach them, then see if they have written any articles/books and read all you can about those who have gone before you.

You can do anything - the world is yours, but try to focus on where you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years.

Dream big. Have fun. Where your focus goes your energy flows.

Here is one resource:

Good luck and God speed!

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ShaRon’s Answer

It doesnt say if you are a high school or college student so I will speak to both. If you are in High School I would start by looking for colleges and universities that offer degrees in that field of study. Look at the reputation of the program and its history of success in developing people who are successful in this field. If you are already in college, you still have to do the research but your focus is on what classes are required for the new major in comparison to those you have already taken. You may have to take some summer session classes or stay and extra semester to meet your new career goal but the investment will pay off in the long run if you are seriuos about the change. In both instances you should meet with your school guidance counselor or advisor to get their input on what you want to do.

Go to your local chamber of commerce and try to find a sports agent in your area to sit down with and see what their journey was like. Join groups in your school that are law focused to begin embracing the mindset. You look for professional associations for sports agent and look at becoming a student member. Good Luck!