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specialization course after completing B.E Aeronautical engineering..!

Hello ,I am an b.e ( aeronautical ) graduate. I want to work as technical employee preferably in aircraft engine,airframe,ATC. How can I go for that kind of job ?.is there any specialization course in India after completing B.E? If yes means kindly tell me course type and best providing institute.! #aviation #aerospace-engineering #aerospace #aircraft-maintenance

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1 answer

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Septa’s Answer

Hello. first i am sorry if i cant provide such an info from india since im not from india. but to get that kind of job theres a school specialize in Aircraft enginering. in indonesia to get that kind of work in big airlines we need a license provided by the school ( its tested by the goverment and International Airlines Asociation ) and some medical test. maybe its the same in your country too. try to search in google what school is good and provide best experiences in India or near ur place. for the type of the course i think its depend on what kind of aircraft u focused for. like Airbus or Boeing. u need both license if u want to go for both planes ( means u need to take test 2 times and get double licenses if ur in Indonesia) i hope i can give u some good information here. goodluck!