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Myself Shashi, I'm a post graduated Electrical Engineer. I am recently attracted to "Automobile Detailing Studio" type of business, it relates to my passion and this is a thing that excites me a lot, should I go for it to see it as my main career path? If yes, then what would be the strategy through which I should go?

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2 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Shashi!

I can really relate to your situation! When I was in high school I worked in a fast food restaurant. After graduating I went to school to become an Electrical Engineer. After I graduated I sent resumes to many, many companies.

In my case, one of the reasons I was drawn to Electrical Engineering was that I like to know how things work. Basically, everything is electrical
or electronic.

Out of all the resumes and applications I sent out, I only received positive responses to the fields I had experience with. In Automobile Detailing, is there electrical or electronic or even computerized equipment that you work with?

In my case, I did not want to stay in the fast food industry. So I landed a job as an engineer for a cooking computer/controller company. They made temp controllers and timers for the restaurant I worked in.

If you decide to stay in Automobile Detailing, my advice would be to learn your craft well and to start learning the business. Let the owner or your manager know that you want them to be your mentor. However, with an EE degree, you might find a job with a company that supplies equipment to the Automobile Detailing industry.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Thanks a lot 🙏 Shashi G.

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Darren’s Answer

Hi Shashi,

I think Mark Morgan already gave you a great answer. I think pursuing a career and potentially starting up your own business in the Auto Detailing industry is something you can do on the side for now to build experience and expertise. I suggest trying to find a job that will utilize your degree so you can start making a steady paycheck. Once you have an established job, start detailing cars on the side to gain experience or find an established Auto Detailing company where you can work weekends. I wish you the best in pursuing your passion!