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Eshan Mar 28, 2021 569 views

How does a high school junior with no work experience get a job?

I'm a high school junior trying to find a summer job to enrich my experience . #jobsearch #high-school-jobs

Tanner’s Avatar
Tanner Apr 07, 2021 219 views

Whats a good way for a farmer to keep accurate books?

#farmer #ag

Shashi’s Avatar
Shashi Apr 10, 2021 267 views

Myself Shashi, I'm a post graduated Electrical Engineer. I am recently attracted to "Automobile Detailing Studio" type of business, it relates to my passion and this is a thing that excites me a lot, should I go for it to see it as my main career path? If yes, then what would be the strategy through which I should go?

#career-paths #career-choice #automobile-industry #detailing-studio #electrical-engineer #plan

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Feb 24, 2021 225 views

What is the most profitable field of work for teenagers?

I'm a 15-year-old student attending high school who wants to know any areas of work I can partake in to make money. #work #money

Keshari’s Avatar
Keshari Feb 19, 2021 509 views

I'm not sure what majors I should take. It's between finance and economics or finance and marketing.

I don't know which two would be better suited together and in the job field.

#finance #economics #marketing #career