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How can I learn psychology?

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3 answers

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Heather’s Answer

That's right -- if you are looking for a career in Psychology, starting with the bachelor's degree is the way to go. If you are unsure , you can start by taking a general psychology course as an elective. If you get through undergrad and decide you do not want to pursue a masters and doctorate in the Psychology field, you can still find practical applications for your bachelors in Psychology. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and am now an Operations manager in the Energy industry. Studying psychology in college helped me develop strong analytical skills that have helped me in my career , regardless of industry. In addition, having studied psychology, I feel I am a more effective people manager and can better understand what motivates my employees.

I'd say, start with a course in general psychology and see what interests you most!

Hope this helps!

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Pavel’s Answer

Phycology is a area where people would expect some form of a therapy which require deep learning, expertise and practice and has strong responsibility over results and consequences. So bachelors and masters degrees are key milestones in this journey.

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Sherlock!

You'll want to start with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I have several friends that are in the psychology field and they all have higher education. From what I've researched, getting your bachelor's is going to help prepare you for a graduate program. The bachelor's program will include courses, research, decision making, etc. and you should have the core requirements to move in what ever direction you choose.

Becoming a psychologist requires obtaining a master's or doctoral degree. These degrees are necessary to become licensed or certified, which from what I've read, is a requirement to work as a psychologist.

Hope this helps!!