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Pavel Korzh

Client support
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
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Sherlock Apr 13, 2021 482 views

How can I learn psychology?

#pre-med #learning

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Kyren Nov 05, 2020 807 views

I would greatly appreciate if I can learn more about getting into business and investing

I'm the type of person who is too nice to others and will try to help out, sometimes they don't need it or i do too much but that's because I wanna do it out of my own free will. #business #career #therapy

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Samantha Oct 20, 2016 929 views

How to get hired despite not having experience?

What can I do to prove I don't need experience to be successful? #job-coaching

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Denis Dec 07, 2020 810 views

What is the real life examples of Data Science that you use in your job?

I'm an Information Systems Graduate Student looking for professional advice and examples of usage of Data Science in real life, not University project. #networking #business-student

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James Sep 01, 2017 777 views

What's the best way to effectively find a job after college?

So I can have the best chance to getting a good job after college and have peace of mind about my future. #life-coach

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Maggie May 26, 2016 852 views

How would you rate the experience of coaching in high school sports?

Hi, my name is Maggie and I would like to become a high school teacher and coach. I have talked to some of my coaches in the past and gotten good answers, but I would like a little more commentary on the subject matter. #coaching #coach #sports