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Is Purdue University GLOBAL worth it

Hi, I am 18 years old.I just finished high school in May 2020. I was planning to attend Purdue Global to get my bachelor of cybersecurity. Does anyone know if this school is worth it? Can I get a job with a degree from Purdue Global?
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3 answers

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Atul’s Answer

Carnegie Mellon and Georgia Tech is rated very high than Purdue Global which is part of Perdue Univ.


Having put two kids through college without student loan debt via state school gives a great piece of mind to any kid who is graduating from the college.
Both of them are very successful to contribute to the society and enjoying what they do today.
If you do not get scholarships from a school (I do not know how much Perdue Global cost) which cost fortune in spite of pandemic I would recommend get a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering from a state school where you live and then pursue to get certificate to become a certified hacker.
There are multiple certifications if you want to pursue a field in a cyber security.

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Jason’s Answer

Hi Vidhi,

Purdue Global is a remote school. There once was a bit of a stigma to distance learning and while some of that may remain in certain areas, the world of education has changed and remote learning has never been, more respected, utilized and functional - or timely for that matter with the current Covid-19 pandemic environment. The reality is the old "Brick and Mortar" model of education is a construct of a bygone time that largely does not meet the needs of students or employers today.
By and large a modernized distance learning degree is seen in parity with a traditional degree. You just want to make sure the accreditation for the program is in line with the industry you are pursuing. Is the cost worth it? well that depends - most students are looking for a return of their investment in potential job placement and career opportunity. I would suggest this is dependent on the program and I do not know what the ROI is on cyber security and will defer to an expert in this area.

Good luck!

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Mike’s Answer

In Cybersecurity the bottom line is your skillset. Having any degree is a plus / door opener, but for rapid success I'd suggest that in addition to your coursework, you decide what particular areas of security you are going to focus on (offensive, defensive, risk, etc) and build practical skills in that area via reading, youtube, online education, and practice in VMs and remote labs.