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If you want to major in nursing should you just major in science ?

Nursing is my passion but Im not sure if I should just major in nursing or any different subjects such as any time of science . #college-major #choosing-a-major #college

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2 answers

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Hey Jayelyn!
I am currently a freshman in college and many of my friends had the same question!
Based on them, my advice would be to find a nursing program at a college that is a safety school and a reach school. If you major in nursing, you will be guaranteed the RN status. However, if you plan to go for STEM and want to become a doctor, major in whatever you want! Most colleges and programs will guide you!

Hope this helps!

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Jayelyn!

I'd say, major in Nursing! I have three children, two girls and a boy. Both my girls majored in Nursing! They both went to different schools and both had fantastic experiences! If that's your passion, I'm sure you will too! The best part is that you know what you want to do!

One of my girls is continuing on to get her PA and the other is very happy being a nurse. You have so many options!!

Hope this helps!!

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