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What classes do i have to take in high school if i want to be a surgeon.

I want to become a surgeon or a nurse but i want to stick with being a surgeon. #surgeon #surgery

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3 answers

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Wendy’s Answer

Anatomy Physiology
I would also suggest and business classes.

Another great option as you speak about a dream job is a Physician Assistant. The opportunity cost of your time over the duration of your life is worth it.

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Nathan’s Answer

Hi Reese,

My wife is currently in medical school and recently completed an orthopedic surgery rotation.

While she took chemistry, bio, etc. in high school, the main purpose of doing so was to gauge interest in the subject matter.

The university level is where course selection matters. You'll get a more in-depth understanding of the material/better preparation for the MCAT.

Even then, there isn't once specific course or major that will push you on a path to becoming a surgeon. That path doesn't begin until after you start medical school.

My advice is to relax and discover your interests while in high school, then major in something like bio chem or human physiology, find research opportunities, and gain clinical experience by shadowing physicians/volunteering while in college.

Hope that helps!

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Ryan’s Answer

Hi Reese,
Study what interests you and continue looking for opportunities to expand your knowledge base. Medicine is generally science oriented, with both natural and social sciences represented. There are requirements starting in college. MCAT scores are important (or have been historically). My advice is to feed your curiosity and pursue your questions. Best of luck!

Hi Ryan, are you suggesting that the student take science classes during their high school years? Are there any specific courses that you recommend? Gurpreet Lally