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What job is best for a abm student?

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1 answer

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Jason’s Answer

Hi Re lin,

This is a good question. ABM or Accounting, Business and Management is a education course well suited for students looking to enter the corporate world. ABM is such a general realm of study that you could do a number of things. So there is no "Best" from a general standpoint, but there certainly could be a best for you individually.

To help determine what would be the best for you, try considering the following:

1. What are your income requirements? Some jobs might be more fun, but if they don't pay the bills they are not a sustainable option.
2. What are you most interested in? -Finding a job that aligns with your interests can help stave off burn out and keep you engaged
3. What are you long term aspirations? - Some jobs can be career limiting - knowing this ahead of time can save frustration

Best of luck to you!